Thursday’s Thoughts: What’s in your container?

The Empty Container

I recently read this post from Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits and it got me thinking about my container. Above is an excerpt from the post where he essentially goes on to talk about what would happen if your life was a container and you had the opportunity to reset your container and start over. With this new found freedom, what would you put inside?

I live and die by my Kate Spade planner, so I can visually see how packed each day, week, and month will be. As I was reading this post, I visualized what it would feel like to be able to erase every single engagement and have a fresh, open, and free schedule that I would be able to exert more control over.Continue Reading

REVIEW: XTEND Barre in Brooklyn, NY

Xtend Barre Review

A few weeks ago, I was invited to take a class at Xtend Barre in Brooklyn. I’ve heard so much about barre classes, so I was too excited to give it a try in person. 

I personally don’t think that the description does this workout any justice because I was SO  challenged in this class. The studio defines their workout as a “premier ballet barre workout … Pilates and dance amplified“. In my mind, I thought I would be able to handle this class without an issue, but in only a few minutes I was proven wrong.

Xtend Barre Review

The founder of this method, Andrea Rogers, combined traditional Pilates with some cross training to yield better results for her clients. After seeing the uber toned and strong physique of the instructor, I can attest that this workout yields some amazing results. 

The goal of this workout is to strengthen, lengthen and stretch the body from all directions to result in a long and lean look – just like a ballet dancer. If you’re not sure what that looks like, take a peek at a ballet dancer like Misty Copeland.Continue Reading

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