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This week was a complete world wind for me at work and in my personal life, but I’m excited. I really want to have a nice, cold iced coffee (with extra heavy cream + sugar), but for now I’ll have to settle for my JetFuel. I have a lot of new things brewing for the future of Manifest Yourself. I recently hired a business coach who is helping me streamline my coaching services so I can reach and work with more people in an even more impactful way. 

Given that I really need to do the work in order to improve my current programs, I will be suspending coaching services for a bit in order to make sure that I am able to bring them back better than ever. If we are currently working together, nothing will change except you may get a few extra goodies (for free!) as I develop new programs. If you are interested in coaching with me, but haven’t contacted me as yet, please shoot me an email and I can add you to my wait list! (hello@manifestyourself.com). Now let’s move onto my favorite links!

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If you are tired of starting over stop giving up.

If you are tired of starting over stop giving up.

I saw this inspirational quote on Instagram earlier this week and couldn’t get it out of my mind. Some days I am really kicking myself for making my bikini prep goals so public, but other days I am grateful that I have made them public so I am forced to push past my own fear/inhibitions/self-sabotage….ect. After my own selfie inspired me this week, I am still thinking about this. 

I don’t want to start something over again that I already committed to. Who ever wants to do that? In terms of weight loss/gain… the only thing that really makes it okay (in my opinion) is child birth. Clearly, you’ve got to pack on the lbs to be able to carry a healthy baby. But in general, health is wealth, so why not make today your last “fresh start”?

Is there anything that you are tired of starting over?

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