Wellness Fridays

Wellness Fridays

It’s Wellness Friday… and I’m totally not well. If you heard my cough from outside my office yesterday, you would assume that there was a 200lb dog ready to tear you apart if you entered. BUT – it’s just me. Sexy analogy, right? 

I’ve been feeling off for a few weeks, not able to shake the same cold that I have had for much longer than I would like to admit. I finally brought my behind to the doctor and they confirmed what I hate to hear the most. I’m sick due to the cold + stress. All I wanted was an antibiotic, but my wonderful doctor does her best to not prescribe unless it is absolutely necessary.

I walked out of the office with a prescription for an inhaler to help my chest open up and help break down my cough AND orders to relax and find a way to eliminate stress. No magically antibiotic to fix my woes.Continue Reading

I cleaned out my social media {and why}

Why I cleaned out my social media

Last week I cleaned out my social media channels. By clean out I mean that I unfollowed a lot of accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Being a blogger has completely changed the way I interact on social media platforms. Social media became less about being social, and honestly more about having followers. When I work with brands, sadly, many of them can care less about the quality of followers – they care much more about numbers. Sure – I write everything for every single one of my platforms, and it’s all genuine and authentic, but lately it felt more forced. 

I found myself following accounts that I normally wouldn’t follow in order to get a follow back. I was using sites like JustUnfollow to help monitor new follows and unfollows. But as I scrolled through my timelines, I started to not like my social media. Instagram used to be my favorite platform, but I was constantly bombarded with images and pictures that I didn’t like OR didn’t inspire me.Continue Reading

Life Lately

Life Lately

Every once in awhile, I want to share a bunch of random things but I never know how to organize it properly! So, I’ve opted not to. Sometimes, not everything calls for a dedicated post  – I guess this is similar to what Lauren does over at The Skinny Confidential where she shares mini-delites… but far less organized. Like it? Let me know in the comments. Here we go!Continue Reading

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