How to take care of your bed in an apartment


This post is sponsored by Amerisleep, an eco-friendly luxury mattress company. As always, all opinions are my own.

When I moved to NYC in May I had to purchase my very first “big-girl bed”. By “big girl bed” I mean a quality frame, mattress, and all of the necessary accessories to make sure I was not only sleeping soundly, but also taking care of the mattress so that it will last for the long haul.

Purchasing a mattress is a pretty big purchase when you are moving, so I did some shopping around, but finally ended up selecting a mattress similar to this one. But of course, you cannot just get a mattress. You need a box spring, mattress protectors, a frame, pillows, and pillow protectors. Based upon my experience, here is what I recommend.

How to take care of your bed in an apartment

Products pictured: pillow protector // organic mattress protector // bed bug encased mattress protector (not pictured)

I am a firm believer that all pillows and mattresses should be protected from liquids, accidental spills, perspiration when you sleep… the whole nine. When I remove the protective covers on my own mattress, it looks brand-spankin new! After paying over $1,300 for a full size mattress, box-spring, frame, and accessories – it is only right to protect this investment.

What I love about these Amerisleep products is that they are all eco-friendly. From the mattresses to the protectors, they really help you sleep just a little bit healthier. Also, did I mention that Amerisleep products are made in the US of A?

That’s so rare! So you can sleep healthier, with products made in the USA which ultimately can help you to achieve a little bit more comfort.

The one thing that I will mention is that these organic mattress protectors don’t protect the mattress from bed bugs, so when I spoke with Amerisleep they recommended the bed bug encased mattress cover. This is also waterproof on all 6 sides and they say that once it’s on, it’s on and good for the life of the mattress. While many cities have rules about reporting beg bug infestations, you can never be too prepared. Protect yourself AND your mattress.

Do you use mattress and pillow protectors?

Weekly Wishes #5

Weekly Wishes link up

Do you ever feel behind like you just cannot catch up with your to-do list? Lately that’s been my day to day feeling. I am GSD, but I know that I could be much more productive. I’m one of those people that end up doing nothing when they get too overwhelmed. Which is clearly making the situation worse. 

Yesterday I had a quick Skype call with my friend Katrina, and I feel so much better. We all have our flaws, but she is someone to I can always chat with to talk about fitness, love, life, business… everything. She never claims to be perfect or know everything, but she is constantly working on improving herself and realizing her dreams. I always feel a bit rejuvenated after we chat. Now onto my wishes for the upcoming week. Continue Reading

Favorite Things: Motivation, Yummy Recipes, and Makeup

Stamford CT Skyline

TGIF, for real! I’ve been waiting for it to be Friday since Sunday! This weekend, I am all booked up on Saturday, but I am looking forward to relaxing on Sunday. I’ve really been trying to give myself at least one week night and one weekend day to relax. Having this time allows me to sleep late and just recharge. I try my best not to make exceptions either. 

Sometimes I struggle with saying “no” to friends and family, but I know that I cannot be good for anyone else if I am not good to myself. I sleep late, call friends I don’t get to talk to, watch movies, read books, and try out new recipes. I love it. The best Sundays are when I can fall in and out of sleep all day. 

Now onto my favorite links!

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