Women Can Do Anything!

I’ve been spending a lot of time working to build a stronger community of women throughout 2014. There is such a power in community that is rare and unlike any other. And when you grab a bunch of women, put them together, and engage in meaningful conversations… magic happens. 

Women are also breaking records, and beating the odds of all types of incredible challenges every single day. One of my friends sent me this video of Kacy Cantanzaro the other day and I felt so empowered! She completely rocked this challenge. I immediately felt the urge to hit the gym so I can crush my bikini competition goals in November. 

If you had no fears, what would you do?

Bikini Prep Meal Plan: Phase 1

This journey has 100% reaffirmed that diet is 80+% of the battle for weight loss. It’s also confirmed that I can eat more food and still lose weight!

Matthew has constructed a basic meal plan to get me started on my bikini prep. I will note that this is still under construction as I continue to experiment and find what works best for my body. At this time, my main concern is fat loss. I am slowly but surely seeing muscles begin to sprout up when I am doing exercises. However, I can’t walk on stage with 20+lbs dumbbells in my hands, so I need to shed the fat so my muscles can pop on their own. Continue Reading

Journey to Wellness: Bikini Prep

Gym selfie

I am tired. No really, like really tired. BUT – I have 17 more weeks to go until my goal Bikini Competition so I better get it together. This week was a bit harder than usual for a few reasons. 

1. I got a virus and had to go on antibiotics.

2. I started taking birth control again so I am adjusting to the hormones. (TMI – but this is real life ya’ll!)

Both of these matched with my first week on my bikini prep diet and exercise regime had me dragging a bit. BUT I am proud to say that I got through it all and I am down 6lbs from last Sunday! It’s insane to me. I lost about a pound a day this week. Continue Reading

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