Favorite Things: No Spend November

You are the only thing holding you back from greatness

For the past few weeks, I’ve talked about finally creating a budget for myself on my weekly wishes… and I finally did it. AND, I’m livid. 

In the past month of so, I’ve felt that things were a bit unnecessarily “tight” but I wasn’t quite sure why. I assumed that maybe I didn’t budget properly for my Cancun trip or that I paid some huge bill that I forgot about. What I failed to do was take a peak at my bank statements to see where I was spending my money. 

And you know where it was alllllll going? Cabs, random shopping, breakfast + lunch at work and Seamless – but mostly cabs. I went from rarely spending $20 per week on cabs to about $100 each week in cab fare. Seriously!? Now when it’s late at night and I’m traveling in NYC, I opt for a cab for safety reasons. But I was taking cabs to and from work some days AND for late night traveling.

Please note that I said WAS above, since this is stopping immediately. As of tomorrow, I am starting a No-Spend November Challenge for myself.

When I crunched the numbers, I should be able to save an additional $600-$900 per month if I tighten up my budget and try to only spend on the essentials – in one month. Imagine what I could do if I did this permanently? I’m just thinking about how my savings could look – potential vacations, a better apartment, the amount of time it would take me to save for a down payment on a home… alllllllll of that.  

I’m still reading The 21-Day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary, and I’m going to start implementing many of her tips + tricks starting tomorrow (November 1st) and see how it goes. Now that I’ve snatched my finances, let’s chat about my favorite links from the week.Continue Reading

Thursday’s Thoughts: What’s in your container?

The Empty Container

I recently read this post from Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits and it got me thinking about my container. Above is an excerpt from the post where he essentially goes on to talk about what would happen if your life was a container and you had the opportunity to reset your container and start over. With this new found freedom, what would you put inside?

I live and die by my Kate Spade planner, so I can visually see how packed each day, week, and month will be. As I was reading this post, I visualized what it would feel like to be able to erase every single engagement and have a fresh, open, and free schedule that I would be able to exert more control over.Continue Reading

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