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north carolina vinyards

Can you believe that it’s officially the holiday season? This is nuts to me. #iwasntready The shot above is from my girls weekend in North Carolina a few weeks ago, but I feel like it pretty much looks the same outside now. I need snow in order to properly sing my carols. 

Since this is my first time ever in life without a car, I actually don’t mind the snow as much. Rain? I’ll take a cab, please. But with snow, it’s more annoying but I still feel like I can still move around… as long as the sidewalks are plowed and salt has been thrown down. 

Before we get into this week’s links – can we talk about what happened on Instagram yesterday? If you aren’t on this social media channel, in short, IG cleared out all fake/spam accounts. This wouldn’t be a big deal – unless you paid for a large amount of your followers, which means your followers list is filled with fake/spam accounts. 

Some people reported that they lost more than half of their following! For some this isn’t a big deal, but if you are working and collaborating with brands and/or making money from your supposed following, this is a major issue. I’ve never paid for followers and I still lost around 50 followers from spam accounts that followed me – but I saw some people go from millions of followers to well under 100,000 – or even the everyday person going from 500 followers to under 50. Sheer craziness! How do you feel about this?

Now onto the links!

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At Home Workouts with Fitgevity Resistance Bands

Fitgevity Resistance Bands

Earlier this week I chatted about at home workouts with Bowflex for cardio, but now it’s time to chat about some options for strength training. The Fitgevity Resistance Bands above may also look familiar since they are also in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

These bands (pictured above) come packaged up perfectly to store and travel with. I wrap them up and stuff everything in the black bag to store on my bookshelf or in my suit case when traveling. 

The thing about resistance bands is that you can do so many exercises with them. As long as you have a resistance level that works for you (heavier or lighter), you will be good to go AND get a workout just as challenging as traditional hand weights. Continue Reading

My 2015 Fitness Goals #GiveAGoal

2015 Fitness GoalsI still can’t believe that 2015 is almost here. I’ve taken a little break from fitness to recoup and let my body rest from all of the weight training, but I’m ready to get back on it and declare my 2015 Fitness Goals. 

I was fooling around with my fitness goals in 2014 until July when I started training with my bikini prep coach, Matthew – and after that the results really began to show. To be 100% honest, I definitely cleaned up my diet and exercised regularly, but I was far from perfect. It almost makes me a tad upset to think of what I would be able to do if I committed to the bikini prep diet and exercise regime 100%.

BUT – I realize that a lot was going on this past year for me. Some days I needed to give myself a break and learn to accept the progress that I was making despite it not getting me to the bikini bodybuilding stage in November like I had originally hoped for. All I can do now if move forward. But first, let’s take a look at what I accomplished in 2014. 

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