5 Ways to get your finances ready for 2015

5 ways to get your finances ready for 2015

Yes, I know it’s Black Friday so many people may be out trying not to get hurt while fighting over TVs in major chain stores, but this is the perfect time to also consider getting your finances in order for the holiday season. Before Black Friday, there were early bird sales, after there are last minute and Cyber Monday sales – and then we roll right into the holiday season!

This time of year is all about spending – or is it? For the past month, I’ve been chronicling my journey through my No Spend November Challenge, so my spending habits are a little different this year. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and lose sight of the goals we’ve set to help us achieve financial peace of mind. This holiday, to encourage consumers to stay on track with their finances, Capital One 360 is decking the halls with deals you can bank on (pun intended!), including new account bonuses, referral bonuses and closing cost credits.

Additionally, I have a 5 quick tips to get your finances in order for 2015! Read on for details. Continue Reading

Favorite Things+ Gratitude + Black Friday Deals!

happy thanksgiving

Now, I couldn’t really be a blogger if I didn’t share my own grateful list, now would I? :) I’ll keep it short and sweet. Ya’ll know I’ve been going through it, so this list is actually pretty therapeutic for me. 

I am grateful for:

  • My family – especially my nephew who never fails to make me smile
  • My close girlfriends (new and old) who never forget to check on me and refuse to take “I’m fine” as a tolerable response to how I am feeling
  • Cheez Its – because I ate a whole box this week #justsayin
  • My Bowflex Max Trainer that I won so I can workout in my home
  • My scale for only showing me good numbers this week even though I ate a box of Cheez Its – but I did exercise too, so I’m guessing it didn’t hurt me too much
  • My job for paying my bills
  • LOVE – for my family, my friends, my blog, and myself

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Interview with Rev Run and his wife Justine on Diabetes

Interview with Rev Run and Justine on Diabetes

Last week I had the pleasure of having a phone interview (video below) with Rev Run and his wife Justine about diabetes. More than one in three American adults are at risk of diabetes. The risk for African Americans nearly doubles —more than one in six African American adults has diabetes.


In my family, quite a few people suffer from diabetes, so I was excited to be able to chat about why they decided to get involved with this campaign. I also got a chance to see Rev Run perform at BlogHer2014 AND Nellie and I were on the same flight to Newark, NJ – the whole family seemed so nice. Continue Reading

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