Weekly Wishes #10

Weekly Wishes link up


1. Create a system to monitor what brands I am working with, payments pending, payments received, and invoices that I need to send. Still in progress!

2. Exercise 5 times this week. Done! 

3. Pick up everything I need for the work conference. Done! I’m actually at the conference right now!


1. Develop a budget. I have been a bit off with my spending lately. Not so bad that I can’t pay my bills, but I have been a bit careless lately. I need to work on saving more money – especially since I really want to find more time AND money to travel more in the next year or so.  

2. Start the 8 week challenge. In the past few weeks I’ve been mentioning that I am food prepping each Sunday with a friend, and now they got me into doing this 8 week challenge. We both want to get into better shape for the new year, and I know that I need to expedite my fat loss before January 2015 to make sure I am on track to compete in spring 2015, so its perfect timing. I’m not sure how much detail I will share here (just yet – I want to see how the process works!) – but just know I’ll be kicking butt and taking names as much as possible. If all goes well, I’ll be sharing the details of exactly what this 8 week challenge entails. 

3. Meditate. I went to a workshop at The Art of Living on Friday evening, and I learned a new breathing exercise that really helped me meditate. Normally, when I meditate, I’m sitting or laying down trying to clear my mind, but this time, I was actually able to escape. When the meditation was over, I felt rested and refreshed. I couldn’t tell if I was sleeping! My wish is to do this at least once this week. 

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Do you have any wishes for this week? Please share!

I am #SELFMade Because…

I am SELFMade because

If you haven’t noticed, SELF Magazine has gotten a HUGE makeover! And along with a face lift, they have a brand new #SELFMade campaign that is all about women achieving their goals in any and all aspects of their life. It can be work, school, at the gym, with family, overcoming obstacles, or anything that showcases the strength that women possess.

Of course, a campaign is fun, but why not add on some incentives too, right? To celebrate and spread the new campaign SELF Magazine is encouraging YOU to share the reason why you are #SELFMade on Instagram for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Hawaii!. All you have to do is share why you’re #SELFMade, follow SELF on Instagram (@selfmagazine), and tag your post with #SELFMade and #sweepsentry. Easy peasy! If you want step-by-step directions, you can go right here.

But before I close this post, I want to share why I am @SELFMade.

I am #SELFMade because I am a manifestor of change. In Lehman’s terms, that means (to me) that I know how to affect and embrace positive changes in my life. Sure, I get overwhelmed from time to time, but I know that there is no challenge or change that I cannot handle. No matter the circumstance, I always find a way to adapt and grow. 

So, tell me how you are #SELFMade?

Journey to Wellness: My Health Hero

Journey to Wellness Infographic

This past week in fitness has been pretty good and so far I’m planning for another great week.

It seems like I’ve finally gotten into a groove of finding the motivation to stick with my bikini prep goals for real. Food prepping each week has been a major help, but more than that I’ve started connecting with more people who also have health and wellness related goals.

Accountability and support are so vital to my journey. I always heard that, but never really believed in it until recently. (Or to be really honest, until my divorce.) 
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