Weekly Wishes #3

Weekly Wishes link up


1. Outline blog posts for the month of September. Done!

2. Complete the social media quickie guide. Still in the works. 

3. Get back into writing in the morning for at least 5 minutes. Almost! I did this a few times this week. 

4. Stay committed to my bikini prep diet plan. I did pretty good! I am about 2lbs away from my first HUGE weight loss goal. 159lbs. Seriously, I am going to pass out when I see this number on the scale. Even with the update in my bikini prep debut date, I still want to get to a point where I am no longer having to worry about the actual number on the scale/large amounts of fat loss. 


1. Vow to not over schedule myself for the remainder of September. I got a bit scared when I looked at my schedule for this week. I want to see if I can stick to a 3 engagement rule during the week for the rest of the month. This would mean that I would only schedule myself for a max of 3 events/dinners/meet ups Monday – Friday. Ideally, I would also like to keep one weekend day to myself where I can stay home and do a whole bunch of nothing. I’ve been running myself ragged lately. 

2. Not take a cab to work. Yea… soooo….. living in NYC has made me fall in love with cabs. I find myself “running late” to work and taking a cab instead. Although it’s only about $7-10 bucks with tip, I know I could put this money elsewhere.

3. Finish the social media guide. Period. No ifs, ants, or butts. This is really for my partnership with Matthew, my training coach. I’ve been helping him with branding, social media, ect. I’ve already created a customized template to help streamline how he sends out his training plans to clients, so this is the next thing we are working on. 

4. Take 2 Spin classes this week. I signed up for the classes at Cyc Fitness (*referral link: I don’t work with Cyc, but they have  referral program that if you try a class, I can receive credits towards more classes. If you live in NYC and want to ride together, please let me know!), and I plan on using them up! I’ll be signing up right after I finish writing this post. 

Do you have any wishes for the week?

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Favorite Things: Slogans, Selflessness, and Saving

David Barton Gym

I promise you that I didn’t intentionally try to have 3 “s” things in the title, but it worked out that way. The picture above is from the David Barton gym…. I still cannot stop thinking about my experience at the bobble SPORT event with Cyc Fitness on Tuesday night. I LOVED the whole class… and the instructor got me too excited! I keep looking back at class prices and I really want to purchase a 20 class pass…. but it’s $420 bucks. 

I really, really, really want to do it though. I went through a period of my life where I did spin 3 times per week and the pounds just fell off my body. I know this would help with my bikini prep plan too, but $420 bucks? Why is everything in NYC so outrageously expensive?!? Now onto the links…Continue Reading

Introducing bobble SPORT! #waterrevolution

bobble Sport launch in NYC

On Tuesday night I got invited to the bobble SPORT launch at Cyc Fitness in NYC. I was SO excited for this event for a few reasons. A) I love water bottles. I really have more than the law should allow. B) I love spin and I was able to get in some extra cardio for the day. C) Cyc Fitness is located inside of the super chic David Barton gym that I have been secretly eyeing. Let me tell you, this was one of the BEST events I have attended in a long time. Continue Reading

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