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i woke up like this


Have you ever just felt like shopping? I feel like shopping but I need to save my money for some big things coming up in my life. BUT when I stumbled upon this t-shirt on Etsy… my wallet started twitching. And it’s only $20. I love me some Beyonce, and this would be perfect in the summer time with some jeans or a high waisted skirt… I can see myself now… *insert daydream of shopping at an outdoor mall or attending an outdoor concert in NYC*

Today’s post is short and sweet because I am swamped at work, and have an event to attend tonight. I just had to check in with ya’ll though. I’ve been keeping up this schedule of blogging 5 times per week since January and I don’t want to break my streak. Blogging has become such an outlet for me, and I appreciate and read every single comment. I hope ya’ll have an amazing day! 

How is your week going?

Have you ever bought something on Etsy?

Would you wear this t-shirt? 

Journey to Wellness// Body Space Fitness Review

On my personal journey to wellness, I love taking the time to experiment and try different exercises, classes and training facilities. You never know what you will find mentally and physically inspiring. Or who can motivate you to reach your goals. When Tony Vacharasanee, a trainer at Body Space Fitness, invited me to come into their facilities, I jumped at the chance. I had heard whispers about this facility located near Union Square in NYC, but I hadn’t had the chance to make it there.

Body Space Fitness

The second I walked into the studios, I could tell that this was going to be a bit different from the usual NYC boutique gym or training facility. First and foremost, the facilities look, feel, and smell brand spankin new! When I enter any workout facility the worst thing that can happen is having your nostrils take in sweaty, gym-sock-funky, stale air… But this facility was different. I felt like I was in an athletic training facility but didn’t have to be intimidated by “real” athletes. There were people of all sizes and nationalities working out. [Read more...]

Favorite Things

Cucumber Spa Water

I am pretty excited for this weekend because tomorrow I will be at the spa for a 1/2 day of relaxing spa services. I’ll be getting a body scrub, massage, and a facial… with the way I am feeling I may even call to add on a mani-pedi too. I’ll also have unlimited access to the spa’s steam room, sauna, and pool. Win-win, right?

When I think of the spa, I always think of the refreshing naturally flavored water that they have. I personally love cucumber water while at the spa. I found these instructions (which led me to the image above on Pinterest).

+ I was so happy to hear that so many of your were inspired by the Happy Belly book review that I posted earlier this week. Let me know if you decide to make the purchase!

+ This article makes me want to write a book… like tomorrow. Is it terrible to say that I have already drafted a welcome and first chapter? 

+ I need to make this copycat recipe of the lettuce wraps from PF Chang’s and these Gluten Free Banana Bread Oatmeal Bars. 

+ Josie always knows how to make me laugh. Check out this post on calorie killer pills

+ I’m on YouTube again! This week I was interviewed by my life coach, Liz Nead, about my experience blogging. Check the video out here.

+ To continue with the stand up for yourself theme, I loved this list of 20 Things to Stop Letting People Do to You.

Any plans the weekend?