My Winter Skincare Routine (for you and your boo!)

olay moisture plus

My skin gets really dry, so I am always conscious of making sure I select products that have great moisturizing ingredients – especially in the winter. Have you ever noticed that your skin gets even more dry and itchy in the winter? The cold air and dry skin don’t mix well – so having a body wash that still lathers up so you feel clean, but also moisturizes your body is key.

I’ve been blogging online for years and like many bloggers who receive products, you may have someone in your household who is always super excited to see what “surprise” came in the mail.

For me, that’s my fiancé, Kevin. Generally, he gets most excited about food and drink products and leaves anything beauty related alone that comes to our New Jersey apartment. But this time was a bit different. We recently purchased jumbo-sized versions of his body wash a few weeks ago and he was quickly getting tired of the fragrance so when he saw my new Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus in the shower, he gave it a go. 

Immediately he yelled, “BABE! This stuff is REALLY good!”

olay moisture plus

I had already tried the Manuka Honey scent and feel in love, so I wasn’t too surprised that he loved it too. Unlike normal body washes, Olay constructed this product so it cleanses and moisturizes at the same exact time. The wash is super thick so a little goes a very long way. (A lesson my fiancé learned very quickly when he initially squeezed too much out of the bottle and realized he didn’t need nearly that much.)

This winter I have 3 key steps that I’ll be following to ensure that my skin stays moisturized:

Exfoliate Weekly

Your skin cannot take in moisture properly if it’s trying to combat dead, dry skin. I exfoliate weekly with a body scrub or dry brush so that when I hydrate my skin, I’m not wasting my products on outer layers.

Hydrate (internal & external)

Did you know that your skin takes in moisture even better when it’s wet? I didn’t know this until recently, so this really explains why the new Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus works so well! Before you even think about grabbing the lotion after the shower, you’re able to cleanse and infuse moisture back into your skin with key ingredients like shea butter. I’ll be using the Olay body washes to ensure I’m not walking around with dry, itchy skin this winter.

Annnnnnd, you already know if you want silky smooth, vibrant skin like Gabrielle Union (who’s in her 40s but doesn’t look a day over 21), you’ve got to drink enough water every day. It’s winter time, so drinking hot tea also counts! I drink at least 32-40 oz of plain ‘ol water, and then 2-3 cups of hot, green tea everyday.

Less stress & more rest

When I’m stressed out, it shows up in my skin. I’ll generally get acne and my skin loses it’s natural glow. Even though I’ve got a ton of things going on – including planning for an August 2018 wedding – I’m reminding myself to stress less and get more rest to ensure my skin looks it’s best!

olay moisture plus

I hope you’ll join me in the Winter Skin Challenge with Olay! You know how they say that summer bodies are made in the winter? Well, glowing summer skin happens when you care for it properly in the winter. I’ve told Kevin that BOTH of us need to put a little more time and attention into our skincare regimes to make sure we are glowing in our wedding pictures. 

Whether you’re planning for a wedding, like Kevin and I, or just want to have silky smooth, moisturized skin this winter, I highly recommend Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus (in either of the scents – Manuka honey or Manuka Honey).

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.