Why cheat?

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I shared this quote on Instagram yesterday, and this morning it was on my mind (again) so I wanted to share it here.


And this doesn’t just mean glancing at the multiple choice answers of the kid next to you on a test in college or by not coming to a full stop at a stop light. Why do you cheat and skip the final reps at the gym, or share a friend’s secret with another friend because you know they won’t find out?

Or more importantly – why do you cheat yourself out of opportunities by saying no, when you really should say yes? Why do you not believe that you deserve the best in life and that good things are happening to you AND for you?

Lots of questions, I know, I know. But think about it.

When I look back on my life – I realize that I cheat myself out of a lot of things because I’m scared. For instance, right now I am contemplating a MASSIVE overhaul of ManifestYourself.com for later this year. I received the quote and I didn’t even know what to say. It made me question my whole online existence. Do I really want to do this?

Is this site (literally my baby) – going to be around in 3-5 years?

Is all of my blood, sweat, tears, annnnnd money worth it?

But it all boils down to fear. I’m scared. 

Legit scared shitless, in all honesty. 

And you know what’s even worse? My fear is more about how I will handle success vs failure. Yea, I had to let that sink in a bit. Describing this feeling makes my stomach turn upside down, and inside out. The only word I can use to describe it is the “f” word, but I don’t use that online….soooooooooo. “Uggggggggggh” will have to suffice. 

I’m working on it. Day by day – and most of the time, it’s more of a minute by minute type of thing. I’m learning not to cheat myself out of success because of fear. 

*steps down off of soap box*



  1. This is such a great post about mindfulness; I especially love the quote. A couple years ago after my Dad passed away, I found myself really depressed, and feeling like I wouldn’t ever feel happy ever again. I started going to see a therapist, and she helped me through my depression, and coached me how to take advantage of my grief, and channel it into creativity, self care, service to others, and learning opportunities. This was a great path for my life to take, and I’ve been inspired to be healthy ever since.

    1.26.16 ·
    • WOW – that is such a touching and inspirational story. Sending you a HUGE virtual hug. xo

      2.10.16 ·

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