Who’s in Your Inner Circle?

Courtney Sanders Think and Grow Chick

This past weekend I attended the Success Circle Live 2017 Conference in New Orleans with my business coach, Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick. I’ve been working with Courtney since November 2016, and ya’ll…. she’s a powerhouse.

I was actually a bit nervous to attend this conference since I know that this is the type of environment where you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable so you can grow and expand.

Success Circle Live 2017

The event started with an opening reception on Friday night at the Renaissance New Orleans Arts Warehouse District Hotel. I’ve also been a part of Courtney’s online group coaching program since spring 2017 with over 150 other women so it was exciting to finally meet some of these awesome women in person!

Success Circle Live 2017

I also got to see my girl, Dominique Broadway (on the right), and was introduced to W.E. Da’Cruz of The VGC Group (on the left) who is also friends with an old Columbia University colleague of mine. Powerhouse women, ya’ll – that’s all I have to say.

Jereshia Hawk

I also got to meet Jereshia Hawk who will be attending the MTY Retreat in Mexico with me in January 2018. I’m going solo, so I was excited to meet another friendly face… and powerhouse before the trip.

But now let’s talk about content. The theme of this conference was “Connecting the Dots”. The sessions were deep dives covering networking, business strategy, your mission statement, and more.

Connecting the Dots in Your Business and Network – Courtney Sanders

Success Circle Live 2017

How to Create Your Very Own Money Making Machine – Courtney Bradley

Success Circle Live 2017

How to Go from $0 to Revenue – W.E. Da’Cruz

I know that developing a strategy and process was something that I needed to work on in my business more. I’ve attempted to hire part time and interns to help expand Manifest Yourself – but I’ve ultimately ended up working with a few contractors when I need assistance on a special project. However, one of my 2018 goals is to start building out a permanent team to assist year-round. W.E. has built an entire business helping entrepreneurs and businesses implement systems and build out teams – so I was all ears.

Connect Four: How to Build A Winning Network – Jereshia Hawk

This session was probably one of my favorites since I LOVE talking about networking. People always talk about how it’s not what you know, it’s who you know – but yet, people still don’t understand how important it is to build genuine relationships with people. Moreover, you’ve got to make an effort to surround yourself with others who not only motivate and inspire you – but they are pushing to do more in their own lives as well. 

Courtney closed up the last of the formal sessions talking more about networking and tracking her personal “hit list” in Trello – and then we moved into the Live Hot Seat. Jullien Gordon and Regina Anaejionu also joined this star-studded lineup to give advice and feedback to attendees. 

These folks have SO much knowledge. I asked a question about how I can expand The Empowerment Social for next year and their insights are so great. While we are all around the same age – it’s incredible to hear about their unique experiences and how they would apply their experiences to create solutions in my business.

That evening, I attended a VIP program dinner with the speakers and other members of a new “inner circle” VIP program and it left me thinking even more about my day-to-day inner circle. I’m conscious about who I spend time with and talk about my business with BUT I know I can do more to be even more intentional. When I hear how other entrepreneurs track, engage, and connect with people of interest – I knew I had to change my methods. 


Success Circle Panel Discussion

On the last day of Success Circle Live, Courtney conducted a presentation on “Connecting the Dots in Your Mission” and then I served as a panelist to talk about my experience in the Success Circle over the past few months. 

I’ve never conducted a survey on the percentage of my readers who are interested in starting their own business so I’m not sure how this information resonates with you, but I do know that there are many business principles that can be applied to our personal lives.

As a business owner, the importance of building a strong network has been drilled into my mind – but I realize that I didn’t learn that lesson when my sole focus was expanding my 9-5 career. I knew that I needed to network to get the types of jobs that I wanted – but not necessarily the importance of building a network to expand my inner circle for any and all of my goals. 

So, I ask you – who’s in your inner circle right now? And are they the types of people who can help you achieve your goals?

If not, what can you do to change that?


  1. Terri says:

    I’m proud that those in my inner circle inspire me to do better and always believe in my crazy plans. How lucky am I that my husband is one of those people in my circle always pushing me to go further than I ever thought I could.

    9.18.17 ·
    • I love that! My fiance is in my inner circle too – and that makes me feel SO good. 🙂

      9.19.17 ·

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