What would you do if you could not fail?

I’m currently reading “Wake up and Live!” by Dorothea Brande And it really has me thinking about the various ways that failure exists in our lives.

Failure isn’t just an attempt at a task or goal that doesn’t work out. Failure exists when you procrastinate or refuse to dedicate 100% effort into achieving your goal. Failure is making excuses or justifying why you cannot complete the task or goal.

So I ask you – what would you do if you could not fail?


I ask you this because I’m embarking on a new venture that scares me shitless. I’m launching a new event series under the Manifest Yourself brand on July 15th, 2017. If you follow me on social media – you have may have seen me share the information already

The Empowerment Social: a party with an agenda


I have had this idea on my mind for over 6 months, but I’ve finally committed to making it happen. I’m committed to doing what I want to do – believing that failure is not an option. Failure isn’t an option because I’m not even allowing it to manifest.

The Empowerment Social is the day party for young professionals who want to finally mix a party AND personal and professional development. There are so many day parties happening in major cities all across the US. Don’t get me wrong – they are fun. But the only networking that happens are DMs asking if you’re single.

At The Empowerment Social, you’ll be able to dance to the music (while enjoying a buffet brunch and a cocktail) – but you’ll also be able to get inspired and connect with people. Let me explain:

  • At the top of every hour there will be 5-10minute Empowerment Talks on fitness, career development, entrepreneurship, and personal development. And ya’ll, these talks are created to motivate you to make MOVES in your life.
  • All attendees will also have name tags that are color coded by industry so you know who’s who in the room. No more walking up to someone and awkwardly running through questions to figure out field they are in; you’ll be able to easily target the industries you’re interested in so you can make the most of your time.

Did I mention that there will be vendors in the room too? As an entrepreneur, supporting small businesses is so important to me. We will have an array of businesses in the room to check out.

We also have two phenomenal sponsors who are supporting the inaugural Empowerment Social: National Sales Network and Jopwell. Both organizations are committed to providing opportunities to minorities. I’ll be sharing even more details about these organizations later this month – but needless to say – there may be some recruiters in the room. 

Ya’ll – I’m SO excited. Tickets went on sale last week and the sales are steadily streaming in… this event will sell out, so make sure to snag your ticket as soon as possible. It’s ONLY $25 for early bird (including a brunch buffet and access to the entire event).