What does WELLTH mean to you?

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I just finished reading WELLTH, the first book from the creator of one of my favorite wellness sites, mindbodygreen, and it’s so refreshing. If you follow me on SnapChat (@manifesturself), you would have seen a whole bunch of highlights during my morning commute over the past few weeks. I’m pretty sure I have at least 10 highlights in every single chapter of life changing motivational quotes or insights. 

Here’s the definition of WELLTH:

noun/ \welth\ A new and more valuable life currency

: a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health, and joy


I had no idea what to expect when reading this book – I knew that I loved mindbodygreen, but I also knew that I identified with the title of the book. While I’ve recently started a new job that looks pretty good on my resume, I also keep thinking about the life I am creating for myself. Quite honestly, I find myself asking if I “like my life” fairly often. 

Is this what I want to do? Is this where I expected that I’d be? Am I really happy?

This whole approaching 30/quarter-life crisis part of my life has me thinking more and more about how my actions now will impact my future. My priorities have drastically changed and just having a sense of happiness and overall self-worth has become increasingly more important. This is what I feel this book is all about. Instead of giving you 1029.5 steps to manifest more in your life, WELLTH provides you with insight and motivation to rethink the traditional path of building a career and life for yourself. 

Here’s a little about the author:

Jason Wachob is the founder and CEO of mindbodygreen, the leading independent media brand dedicated to health and happiness, with 15 million monthly unique visitors.  He has been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Vogue. Jason has a BA in history from Columbia University, where he played varsity basketball for four years. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and loves German shepherds, Chuck Taylors, and guacamole.


So clearly he’s got the experience to motivate, inspire, and even teach us a bit, but let’s talk about how he breaks down this book into sections. Jason covers not just traditional exercise (Chapter 2. Move), nutrition (Chapter 1. Eat), but he goes into gratitude, your belief system, love, healing, and even laughing. 

He’s covering how to ultimately create a dynamic life for yourself. In the first chapter of the book he described WELLTH as the following:

To be truly wellthy is to find your personal prescription – to discover what works for you, what feels good, what you love. The process of discovery never ends.


Isn’t this what we are all striving for? The balance of health, wellness, relationships, and all the other facets of a dynamic life. What I love about this book is that the author isn’t telling you what to do to replicate the success he’s had in his own life. He’s simply sharing stories and insights from his own life experiences, and those of people close to him. 

He also recognizes that what we discover continues to change as we grow and evolve. What our bodies love at age 25, may be completely different at age 35, and then we can revert back to our old habits at age 45. It’s a process that is never ending. Creating a dynamic life is a process that never ends as long as you are living life. Makes sense?

I partnered with Harmony Books to share about #WELLTH with you, but (as always), all opinions and words are my own. To learn more about the book, go here

What is one thing you can do today to live a little more wellthy?