Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him



Last week I shared some ideas for the women in your life, so this week, let’s chat about Valentine’s Day gifts for him. 

ONE// WHISKEY WEDGE ($17.95): For the man who enjoys a good, strong drink after work. This cup is unique and makes that cocktail just a little more fun.

TWO// KIEHL’S FACIAL SCRUB ($26): In the age of #beardgang, a lot of men deal with ingrown hairs. In all honestly – I think men can get a little lost when it comes to skin care, so I love picking up a few must have essentials to make their face a little more cuddle friendly. No woman likes to see a man with a bunch of ingrown hairs and bumps on his face and neck.

THREE// BEARD ENVY KIT ($30): If your man is growing out his beard, he may need a little help. Not every beard as to feel like a brillo pad, I promise. 

FOUR// GUCCI SPORT ($88): A good cologne is always a great gift that lasts for a long time. Make sure it’s something both you and him can enjoy!

FIVE// BEARD OIL ($28): Another great beard treatment! I actually like to put the beard oil on my man sometimes. It’s a great bonding moment while he is getting ready to go out and you can massage it into his beard and skin…. and steal a kiss or two. 

SIX// HERSCHEL BAG ($60): Backpacks are back! If your boo is on the go – this one is pretty popular in NYC. 

SEVEN// H&M HOODIE ($29.99): I don’t think I really need to say much about this one – a good sweatshirt is always handy in cold weather. This is a great gift and you can stuff the front pocket with something fun. 

EIGHT// NIXEN WATCH ($200): I think every men’s gift guide always has a quality watch on it. A good looking watch is such a timeless accessory.

Did I miss anything? And please weight in, does your man have a beard?