Updated Morning Routine

Updated Morning Routine

We’ve talked about The Miracle Morning before and I recently stumbled across this website that’s 100% dedicated to sharing and developing morning routines. However, I believe mine has significantly changed in 2016, so I wanted to share. 

Lately, I’ve been waking up at 5am every single day. To be very specific, I generally wake up around 4:45-4:51am to use the bathroom since I drink water all the way up until I go to bed. After getting annoyed that I couldn’t sleep past this time, and realizing that it’s now going to become a habit with my new job and longer commute – I went with it. So here’s my most recent morning routine.

4:51am: Wake up, turn the tea pot on, and use the bathroom

5:00am: Grab my MacBook and get settled on the couch to begin journalling or writing a blog post. I’ve realized that I am doing much better by writing the blog post for the day the morning of. I really wanted to be a blogger who plans their content out (and writes it) weeks/months in advance, but that gives me unnecessary anxiety. 

If the content is already written for the day, I’ll journal using the Day One application on my MacBook. Sometimes I just write what I’ve been doing or what I’m feeling – and other days I’ll use the prompts. If I don’t have a blog post ready to go, then I’ll write a post on the spot. I keep a list of the topics I want to write for the month in Evernote, so I’ll simply select one and go.

5:15am: I take a writing break to make a cup of tea. Tea has honestly become a staple for me in the morning. I really can’t start my day without it. I even purchased an old fashioned pot that whistles when the water is hot. The type of tea I decide to brew really depends on my mood, but lately I’ve been drinking 3 flavors from Lipton: Lemon Ginseng (green tea), Irresistible Lady Lipton (black tea), or Berry Hibiscus (herbal tea).

Most days I drink the tea as hot as I can stand it without sugar – but other days, I add in a little honey and lemon. I’m not sure if you remember seeing the traditional Lipton tea box in your parents cabinet as a child, but I definitely did! I’ve been raised to be a tea drinker – and Lipton has not only spiced up their packaging, but also the flavors.

Lipton Tea

5:20am: I settle back into the couch with my cup of tea and finish up writing. Lately it’s been dark outside at 5am, so if I have to photograph anything, then I have to wait until at least 7:30am for some natural night. 

6:00am: I switch gears, sometimes brew a second cup of tea, and begin reading. Most of the time I try to stick with the same flavor of tea, but sometimes I’ll switch it up. If I started my morning with an herbal or green tea, this is the time I’ll use a black tea and add in some honey and lemon. And I know I mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again — these flavors are so different from the traditional Lipton teas. They are bolder and really have made tea drinking an experience for me at home.

As for my reading, I just finished Year of Yes and now I’m moving onto Mastery by Robert Green. I’ve had this book for over a year and haven’t gotten into it, so I’m trying again. The text is just extremely dense, so you have to prepare yourself for this type of read. 

7:00am: I generally have a FaceTime chat with Mr. Man (aka the boo/bae) when he’s leaving Crossfit. Maybe one day I’ll actually be with him at Crossfit, but I’m still too scared to try a class. 

7:15am: I hop in the shower, lotion up using my homemade whipped shea cream (recipe coming soon!), and get dressed. I’m generally ready to get out the door by 7:50am… but somedays take my time.

Lipton Tea

8:00am: I reply to the “good morning” texts from my Godmother who live in Florida. Every single day, we chat in some form in the morning, so this is our time. I also try to grab some breakfast if I don’t plan on eating at work. Lately, I’ve been making egg white muffins, so I have 2 before I leave the house. Or sometimes I pack them up to bring to work to eat with some roasted potatoes and bacon from the cafeteria. 

8:30am: It’s time to make the decision if I want to take a cab to work or hop on the bus/train. Terrible, I know, but this is what happens when you live an $8-10 cab ride away from your job. I only have a week left at my current job, so this will be changing to hustling to get to Penn Station to catch the NJ Transit – but I’ll enjoy my options for another week. 

8:50am: My behind is at work – ready to start the day. 

I really try to keep my morning routine, flexible, and adaptable to my schedule. With this new job, I’ll be on a train around 6:45am, so I may cut some parts short and do more writing on the train to work. We shall see how it all pans out though. On the weekends, I think the only thing that is constant is my tea. I generally sleep in until around 7/8am and then see where the day takes me if I don’t have any set plans. 

What are your mornings like?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. I love Lipton iced tea as well. It has the best taste. I just hope it’s easily available online.

    2.7.16 ·
    • It is – I ended up purchasing these boxes on Amazon. 🙂

      2.10.16 ·

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