Thursday’s Thoughts: Be authentic

"Your heart will tell you where to go. Be authentic to yourself. The universe will conspire to make things happen for you." Carla Hall

Learning to be authentic to myself is something that I have been working on more this year. In one the personal develoment coaching programs that I am in, we did an exercise where we identified patterns that we have experienced in our life that no longer serve us.

In several areas of my life, I noticed that despite my desires for more, I continue to get stuck. I make the same decisions, that lead to similar outcomes. BUT I know in my heart that I want more – I want to be closer aligned with my vision – closer aligned with my authentic self. 

Speaking up and remaining authentic to my vision is like exercising a muscle though. For me, this means that I listen to my heart and my gut. When it feels good, I work to lean more into it. When it doesn’t feel good, I try my best to walk away.