Thoughts on Why I Started a YouTube Channel

Starting a Youtube Channel


If you haven’t noticed… I started a YouTube Channel recently. 

I’m 5 videos and 26 subscribers in and already understanding that this social media platform is different. Waaaaaay different. 

For starters, video editing is not in my tool box. Luckily, I’ve had an amazing intern this summer who has been helping edit behind the scenes, but I know I also need to sharpen my skills. I’ve always had to do some basic level of photo editing via sites like PicMonkey, my beloved Canva, and now Photoshop – but video is so different. 

Then there is recording. To minimize editing, I record all of my videos in a single take. This means that if I fumble over my words, get tongue tied, or magically go blank… I have to start over. I really work hard to keep all of my videos super candid. In my mind, that makes me far more relatable – so I create a very raw outline of my thoughts and then “wing it” on camera. 

Due to my day job, and a speaking coach that I worked with a few years ago, this generally works for me. But if it’s been a long day and I’m coming home to record, it can take quite a few tries to get it all together. 

And last but not least is promotion. Marketing/promotion is by far the hardest part of starting a YouTube channel for me. My channel on YouTube is really focused on personal and professional development. My goal is to provide tips and tricks to help viewers do more, be more, and achieve more. Period. You know, the whole Manifest Yourself mission. 

Here on the blog, I like to provide those same tips, but I’ll also get into the nitty gritty of my feelings, life updates, and a whole slew of other topics. However, since the majority of my business income comes from speaking, coaching, and events – YouTube seemed like the perfect place to “talk” to my audience…. of 26 subscribers. I know that will grow in time, but for right now, it’s struggle city.

If you’re a YouTuber and have any tips and tricks, I’d love to here some advice.

If you love watching YouTube, I’d also love to hear what you like and, of course, what you’d like to see on the M.Y. channel.

And because I’ve put it out there, I’d love if you take a peak and let me know what you think! And help me get to 100 subscribers, so I can have a custom M.Y. URL and even more resources to create more content.

Subscribe to the M.Y. YouTube channel… I know you want to.