The Truth About Time Management and Balance

The Truth about Time Management and Balance

The truth about time management and balance is that a real schedule is needed if you’re going to be effective in getting everything done. 

When you’ve got a million and one things on your plate that are all a priority, you’ll quickly learn that some order is needed. Simply waking up and creating a to do list is no longer enough for most people with competing priorities, deadlines, and responsibilities. Maybe there are a few task masters who live and die by the Pomodoro method – but I’d argue that even within the confines of that method there is more order than you think. 

Creating a daily schedule, using alarms, batching similar types of work, installing software to prevent random web surfing, using a paper planner and working on your commute to/from work are all common methods to get more things done. However, when you’re a bit stressed and a tinch overwhelmed you can easily find yourself using multiple methods and still not getting much done. This likely means that you’re jumping from task to task so you’re busy, but not actually productive. 

So the other truth about time management and balance is that you need to develop a system in order to maximize productivity. And this system is so much more than your handy-dandy checklist. It’s essentially your game plan. It not only includes what you need to get done but WHEN and HOW you will get it done. 

That’s the difference. 

Break down the tasks and your schedule so that if someone else had to do your job, they would be able to follow the directions you leave for yourself. Sounds a bit tedious, right?

Sure, but it works. When you’ve got so many things to do that you don’t know where to start, you need direction and guidance to beat the moments when you feel overwhelmed. 

Map it out so you don’t spin your own wheels trying to figure out where to start. 

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