The best advice I’ve ever received

Do you consider yourself someone who lives a jetsetter lifestyle? Your job sends you across the country, and then you have an engagement in another state, and you’re just racking up frequent flyer points?

And of course you’ve got the perfect Lo & Sons tote and a hardcase Away suitcase, right? Your Instagram is sprinkled with your exotic travels, and your skin is glowing and everything is perfect, right?

Well, I thought I wanted this lifestyle and last week I had a taste of it… and it’s not my cup of tea. I flew from Newark, New Jersey to Las Vegas, Nevada on an early Tuesday flight to basically walk into a meeting right from the airport. The conference was Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon – but I had to leave on a 6:03am flight to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (with a layover in Chicago) on Friday… with about 30 minutes to spare (and change in an airport bathroom) to be ready for a evening networking event.

Saturday was another conference where I was vending and speaking. After the event, I quickly packed up and made my way back home to New Jersey by 7:30pm that evening.

Ya’ll – this was just a taste of a busy travel schedule and I’m not about this life. Before I left Vegas, I had a meeting with my mentor and he asked me, “When do you plan to rest?”

We had just run through my work schedule for the summer at Princeton and for Manifest Yourself – he was super excited for everything that’s coming along… and he wanted to know when I would rest.

When he saw that I had to really think about this answer, he started to breakdown the importance of self-care. He works as a higher education consultant and constantly travels (1-2 cities per week). Knowing his schedule, he’s developed a health and wellness routine to ensure that he is always functional and ready to go. (He hasn’t had a cold in YEARS!)

I’ve always looked at my health as a way to look good. (I know, I know… that’s terrible and a tad conceited.) But, it’s the truth. I really care about how I present myself and what I look like when I’m meeting new partners and speaking at events. People like to work with people who have a polished presence.

But, I never really thought about my health as a means to ensure I’m able to do everything that I’d like to do. Essentially, I need to care a little less about having a snatched waistline and a little more about resting and nourishing my body so I have the energy to do everything I want to do.

I have to think more about this and implement a much more strict self-care regime to ensure I can be a high performer in my life. And it’s honestly going to take a lot of discipline and lifestyle changes to make this happen.

At The Empowerment Social in July – I have 2 amazing speakers who will touch on the mental and physical aspects of fitness. Lejorne Leys will talk about how he literally hit rock bottom in his life and career – only to reset his life and land a dream job as a recruiter at Twitter. And, Andre Johnson shares his journey of being over 450lbs and being incarcerated to losing over 200lbs and opening a leading fitness facility in Newark, NJ.

Talk about feeling empowered. Make sure you snag your tickets ASAP – early bird tickets are only $25 and include a full brunch buffet and access to all of empowerment talks.

I really hope to see you there!

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think the key is having a business travel schedule that is sane. If someone wants to do business with you, they shouldn’t make you stick to a schedule that puts you through the ringer!

    6.30.17 ·

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