Taking a Leap of Faith #MTYRetreat


I just got back from the 2nd #MTYRetreat in Cancun, Mexico and I’m slowly but surely processing my thoughts on the experience in relation to the theme this year; taking a leap of faith.

I attended last year (recap here), so I already had an idea of what to expect. If this is your first time learning about the #MTYRetreat, I shared info real time in my stories and answered a bunch of questions and saved them to my highlights on Instagram. You can check them out here.

As I write this, I’m at another resort in Mexico waiting for some friends to arrive later this week and I “feel” different. I didn’t realize that for the first time in months, I was stress free and able to truly focus on the experience during the retreat. I already knew that I was included and had a reason for being in the room. I also knew that I was more alike than different from all of the other attendees.

Was I still a bit nervous sometimes? Of course, but I knew that I had to take a leap of faith and allow myself to get comfortable sitting just outside of my comfort zone to reap all of the benefits of the #MTYRetreat.

This year I took even more notes, so I’d like to share some of the takeaways that will significantly impact the action steps I create for myself following this experience. AND – Myleik chatted about something call “accelerated collisions” that I feel needs it’s own post and it very much related to career development so I’ve written another post on LinkedIn here.



“We are only US to ourselves. Everyone else has a different perspective of who you are based upon their own experience.

Meaning, how anyone else sees you has NOTHING to do with who you are since it’s clouded by their own perception and projection.”

  • Purpose is your unique gift to be of service to others. It has nothing to do with your job, titles, family or hustle.
  • Some people are called to make RADICAL change – others are called to amplify their current life
  • Discovering purpose is about self-development/doing the work
  • If you don’t act on the dreams + vision God has given you, He may give it to someone else – so TAKE ACTION. Actions magnify you and your purpose.


  1. Start the day my dedicating it to one of your ancestors or someone who inspires you. Remind yourself throughout the day that you’re “doing this” for someone.
  2. Remember that all lessons do not come through pain. Remain open and surrender to it all.


“You are the biggest independent factor in scaling your growth – the key is scaling outside of yourself.”

“There is discipline in being excellent.”


  1. Write down your average weekly tasks and separate the CEO tasks (the one’s that only you can do) and the operating tasks (one’s that can be delegated).
  2. Determine your hourly rate (2080 / total income = your hourly rate). I divided my annual salary at my full time job as my income for this equation. When you’re able to, outsource at up to 80% of your hourly rate for tasks that take you an hour or more.
  3. Outline a weekly schedule that you can start adhering to in order to maximize your productivity. I created one for my current schedule (full time job and business) AND one for when I begin working full time in my business.


On maintaining “blackness” in the workplace… don’t change your vocabulary, remember to be grounded in yourself and that you were invited into the room.

On finding the right staff… think about hiring for a (paid) trial period and/or hiring in batches. Incorporating written tests in the interview process can help reinforce the expectation of performance and skill.

On respecting black women… remember to uplift our fellow black women and respect their opinions, standard of excellence, and struggles. Just because we are both “black” doesn’t mean that every moment is a “heyyyyy gurl” moment; don’t lack professionalism or compassion that is frequently extended to our peers of different races.

On “kissing the ring”… don’t forget who brought you into the room. Karleen gave a phenomenal example of her volunteers that she brought into a room thanking the celebrity for allowing them to be there. The volunteers wouldn’t be there is Karleen didn’t hire them. Remember who gave you the opportunity, always give thanks, and never outshine the master.

On standing out… if you are an entrepreneur, YOU are the elephant in the room. You have to OWN IT.

On success… remember to chase significance NOT success. It’s key to focus on people NOT the dollars.

On haters… never amplify the voice of your haters by confronting OR introducing them to your community (via replying/retweeting their message).

I hope you found this post helpful! Last year I wrote an overall, “next steps” kind of post, but this year I felt it would be helpful to share some of my notes. By no means is this inclusive of everything that I’ve learned because I also wanted to be in the moment and simply take in many of the conversations that were had.

The #MTYRetreat is part experience, part learning, and part “accelerated collisions”. Never heard of accelerated collisions before? Check out my post here on LinkedIn. This was probably the BIGGEST “aha moment” that I received during the retreat.


  1. Dija says:

    Thank you for sharing your notes. All the takeaways are significant and definitely speak to me in this current phase of my personal and business life. Kiss the ring…. so important and so easy to forget when we feel we’ve arrived.

    5.12.19 ·
    • You’re very welcome! And you’re right about “kissing the ring” – so often we just forget once we get to where we’d like to be.

      5.16.19 ·
  2. Loved these notes and highlights!

    5.8.19 ·
  3. Tanica D. says:

    Kimberly thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’ve literally been binging on #myretreat highlights for the past couple of days. My goal is to definitely be in attendance next year.

    5.8.19 ·
    • I’ll be rooting for you, Tanica! 🙂 It’s truly a wonderful experience!

      5.16.19 ·

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