A Cool Summer Breakfast: Acai Bowl

I live in a rent controlled building in Harlem – and all utilities are included. Before you stop reading – let me finish. I pay extra for cable, phone, internet, and AC.     

Supergreens Acai Bowl
When I first moved to Harlem last May, I had the option to break out the AC payments into monthly installments paid throughout the entire year. Not terrible – until the outlet that is reserved for the AC stopped working when I wanted to use it. You see, my property managers are smart. They reserve one plug for the AC that has a high enough voltage. If you don’t pay, the plug doesn’t work. Lovely.

So in the fall when I got my Bowflex Max Trainer, I reorganized my apartment and decided that I would plug it into that outlet for the Fall, Winter and Spring – in the Summer I would move it around so I could use the AC. BUUUUUT the plug didn’t work. 

I called – thought it was a fluke – called again – until finally I just asked them to shut it off, and refund me for the 3 months it didn’t work. I thought this was a great plan until this summer.

Acai Bowl Recipe

It’s been hot in NYC. Like gross, sticky, you need to put baby powder on kind of hot. So I turned the AC back on {annnd it was $439… paid only in CASH – no more monthly payments}. I had to wait a week until it got installed, and then I was able to finally stop sweating after I took showers. 

It was amazing, until it stopped working again.

It’s been a week since it’s been off and I had to actually get the entire outlet replaced since something was off with the wiring. In the meantime, I’m back to sweating morning, noon, and night. In an effort to cool my body down – I started making homemade acai bowls.

I first started eating these years ago from the smoothie bar at the gym and I fell in love. I felt like it was a meal AND treat all at the same time. Now – I use them to fuel up and cool my body down in the morning… or even at night when I’m craving something dessert like. … And yes, I am fully aware that the acai bowl should be a dark purple, but I add in my Supergreens supplement, so it ends up being dark green. 

Super Acai Bowl Recipe


1/2 packet of frozen, raw, unsweetened acai packet

1/4 – 1/2 cup Gold Emblem Abound Organic Apple Juice

1 packet YorHealth Supergreens 

1/2 cup frozen mixed fruit {mine has strawberries, bananas, pineapple, + mango}

1/4 cup Gold Emblem Abound Banana Crisps

1/4 cup granola 

2 TBS dried coconut flakes


Mix the frozen acai, mixed fruit, and 1/4 cup apple juice, and Supergreens in your blender. Blend until smooth. If you would like a looser consistency add in more juice or water.

Pour into your favorite bowl and top with dried banana, dried coconut flakes, and granola.

Dig in and cool off. 
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