Staying Connected with Google Wifi

Last week at work, I was interviewing students for a peer advising role and one of the questions we asked was “If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?”

Can you guess the first thing that 9 out of 10 students asked before responding?

“Can I bring wifi?”

Wifi is no longer something that we look at as a luxury – it’s expected. Work, conferences, hotels, meetings, malls, subways, restaurants, coffee shops, and at home. Wifi has to be strong and fast. Period.

Kevin and I like to host game nights at our apartment and people walk in the door asking for wifi before they even take their coat off! “Well, hello to you too!” – is generally my go-to response. But, I get it. We all want/need to be connected.

Since relocating from New York City to Central New Jersey, wifi has become even more important to me since cell service in the area isn’t so great. We’ve got thick walls and lots of dead spots in our apartment so you can be walking from the office to the kitchen and the call will drop. But now – with Google Wifi – dead spots be gone!

But seriously, I didn’t think that I would need more than a traditional internet provider to be connected at home – and I really didn’t understand the benefits until I set up Google Wifi in our apartment. We have fast, reliable wifi in every room now.

Our apartment is about 1,500 square feet – but there are some definite dead zones. We’ve set up 3 Google Wifi pods in the office, living room, and kitchen – basically creating a wifi forcefield in our apartment. However, Google likes to use the term mesh-wifi – since it’s a continuous, consistent, and reliable mesh of wifi to support the given area.

In addition to having consistent wifi in the apartment, I love being able to control everything from the Google Wifi application. Setting up the pods, creating a Guest Wi-Fi network, and even setting up time limits for access. If we had school aged children in the house with cell phones, this would be perfect. You can set time limits for individual devices.

Back in the day, my parents would simply unplug the internet… but I also didn’t have a laptop or cell phone back then either.

Overall, I’m super excited about this. They work amazing for fighting dead spots in our apartment, and when we move into a larger home one day – I’ll be excited to have a pod on every floor. Google Wifi is now available for purchase… and I know I didn’t mention it before – but I also can’t wait to try out Google Home.

I was provided with Google Wifi in exchange for an honest review – but as usual, all opinions are my own.