Start Doing, Keep Doing, Stop Doing [+ free download]


A few weeks ago, my office had the 3rd retreat of the summer, and we worked on an exercise called “Start, Keep, Stop”. Immediately, I wrote this down to share with you. I thought it would be an exercise that could work when talking about personal, professional, or business matters. Apparently, CBS also thinks so too since they have this article titled, “An exercise that will rock your world” by Rich Russakoff on their site too. 

It all starts by making 3 lists: start doing, keep doing and stop doing. I find it helpful to find a personal, professional, or business focus too so you can narrow your attention to one key area of your life. For my example today, I’m doing to lead with personal. 


Here, you focus on what activities you need to start doing in order to be more successful. I like to say that these are the areas where you know you should “do better”, but you’re procrastinating, avoiding, or simply ignoring these tasks.

Personal Examples:

  • Start waking up at 5am and not hitting my snooze button
  • Start committing to a morning routine via “Miracle Morning” suggestions
  • Start planning out my week in Google Calendar – including time for self-care


Ready to give yourself a pat on the back? These are the things/tasks that you are already doing that are helping you reach your goals. If you’re doing something that makes you feel good, brings you closer to your goals, or strengthens you – write it here.

Personal Examples:

  • Keep my workout partner so I get up to workout 3x per week
  • Keep reading personal development books and applying the practices to my life
  • Keep making time to connect with my boyfriend, disconnected from technology


The reality is that we all have bad habits. This is where you hone in on the things that are preventing you reaching your goals.

Personal Examples:

  • Stop watching 2-3 hours of TV every single night
  • Stop purchasing unhealthy food for the household each week
  • Stop hanging out with friends that don’t believe in my goals


When you’ve filled out every section, it’s great to place this somewhere that you can view it on a regular basis. I think this is almost like a mini-version of a business plan. Then, of course, it’s helpful to drill down a bit more so you can focus on the actionable steps you need to complete in order to work on the “start doing” and continue the “keep doing” sections. 

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Have you ever done something like this before?

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