How Your Side Hustle Is Good For Your Career

side hustle good for career

Side Hustles. Nearly half of all millennials have one! In addition to working a traditional 9-5 job, people are spending 3-5 hours a night turning their passions into profit. Side hustles provide a creative outlet or a way to help generate some additional cash. These side hustles provide invaluable skills and experiences that can enhance your career and set you apart as an exceptional employee.

Yet, when it comes time to change careers and find a new position, many people shy away from sharing their side hustle on their resume and in interviews with potential employees. Why is that? Because many don’t understand how to properly highlight the skills and benefits that they gain from working for themselves. Also, they fear that potential employers will reject them as a viable candidate because they think they will have divided loyalties.

What you have to understand is that your side hustle gives you some key skills that many employers are looking for in their ideal candidate. When you are crafting your resume or in an interview, try highlighting these five skills that you gain from having a side hustle.

Time Management

On average, most adults are awake for 16 hours a day. When you work a 9-5, 8 hours of your day are taken up by work. An additional hour of time is allotted to the commute. 7 hours remain to fit in going to the gym, self-care, meals, hobbies, and your side hustle. 7 hours is not a lot of time, yet you still manage to get it done! Time management is a key skill of a good employee. Knowing how to organize your time and prioritize your tasks to accomplish the most possible is essential to any career path that you take.

High Productivity

When you have only a small amount of time, you tend to be more focused to accomplish as much as possible. A side-hustle teaches you how to not only manage your time but also how to maximize your time. You learn how to pay attention to how much time things take so you and adequately structure your time to get as much done in the few hours you have. In the workforce, high productivity sets you apart and as a leader in your field.

side hustle good for career


There is no one there to remind you to get things done when working a side hustle. There’s no one giving you structure and order. A person with a side hustle is self-motivated. They bring their own push to the table. A self-starter is a valuable asset to any organization. Managers look for people who don’t have to be micromanaged, and as one who runs their own business on the side, you have to know how to manage yourself.

Creative Problem-Solving

Creative problem solving comes along with the territory of managing a side-hustle. Inevitably you will face problems in anything that you do, but you learn how to solve them in new ways. You learn how to look at your problem from all angles and how to create new and non-traditional solutions. Being a problem solver helps set you apart as a leader.

Self-Directed Learner

Having a side-hustle means that you are ever learning. You are always reading, listening to podcasts, and attending YouTube University learning new skills and polishing up your current repertoire. This means that you are ever growing, ever learning and improving. A person who is always striving to improve themselves and their knowledge base provide value to whatever company they join.

If you learn how to spin your skills and experience that you gain from your side hustle, you’ll make yourself an excellent candidate for any career you choose. Make sure that your resume reflects the best of every experience that you have gained with your side endeavor. If you’re not sure how to word your resume, let me take a look at it. I will review it and edited to help you word your resume in such a way that your side hustle skills shine through.

Do you have a side hustle? What are some other skills that you’ve gained that enhance your resume?


  1. Annette says:

    Wow This was SOOO needed today for me. It”s tough, even when following the path you know you are meant to be on, not to get caught up in the hustle.

    3.8.18 ·
    • Agreed! The hustle sometimes gets us distracted from the path! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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