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manifest yourself kimberly brown new york and company

When M.Y. was relaunched on 9/9, something that I didn’t want to remove is talking to ya’ll. That’s honestly one of my favorite parts of blogging! So “real talk” posts, are going to be my version of a check in. 

So where do I start?

I don’t even have a clue. Life has been insane the past few weeks. I’ve been getting up at 5am during the week to work on M.Y., practice self-discipline, and basically just get more things done. I started a 21 day challenge from Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick – and it got everything burning inside me again. 

I go through phases of needing to take over the world, and then phases of needing to sit the hell down and watch TV. It’s black or white – polarized thinking. 

Right now, I’m trying to take over the world… and in doing so, I’ve sprained my MCL at Crossfit, taken on new projects at work, and I’m fairly certain that I have a cold coming on at the moment.

manifest yourself kimberly brown new york and company

I wouldn’t say that life is knocking me down to the point where I want to quit, but I would say that God must be challenging me right now.

Redesigning M.Y. was a confirmation that this was no longer for “play”. This meaning blogging. In my case, when I really invest in something, that takes my commitment to another level. Now – to be fair, M.Y. hasn’t been a simple hobby in a very long time – but sometimes when I’m overwhelmed, I think about what it would be like if I stopped blogging. 

I always want to do everything at the same time. 

Lose weight. Blog. Be in a relationship. Crush goals at work. Run my business. Hang with friends. 


And I also don’t think feeling is going to change.

manifest yourself kimberly brown new york and company

I know – you’re like, “that’s not possible!” – “you’ve got to pick 1 to focus on”. I say the same exact thing to myself. But I can’t shake this feeling of wanting to live an optimized life. Wanting to set an example, and be an inspiration to others. 

And, for me, that means finding a way to define my version of balance while dedicating time to the things that (a) make me feel good about myself, (b) inspire others, and (c) are revenue generating. 

A very long time ago, I wrote a blog post on achieving work/life balance back in 2015, but something I didn’t mention was determining what YOU feel is balance. Right now, I don’t think I have balance, and that’s okay. I have some BIG BIG BIG goals in mind and I have to push through. I know not everyone looks at it this way – and that’s more than okay.

So yes, I’m tired. Yes, I’m frustrated. Yes, I wish I could sit down and relax – or complain more about having to go to physical therapy for the next 8 weeks – BUT I’m choosing to keep on moving. Kevin may hear me grumble about being tired, but that’s really about it. I’ve been re-writing my goals every single day and counting down to the day that I want them completed. 

I’m focused. Laser effing focused, actually. 

manifest yourself kimberly brown new york and company

And that’s okay – for now. I’m actually thinking of creating a 3 month challenge for myself to close out 2016. We have 3 months left in 2016. 3 MONTHS LEFT. I can’t even believe it. 

If I created this challenge to help you and help me crush some goals for the remainder of 2016, would you join me?


I’ve already got things broken down in my own mind, but it may be fun to share. Let me know in the comments below – and, of course, thanks for listening. 

*rant over*




  1. Tamara says:

    Hey Kim,

    The new site looks great.

    I didn’t know you did Crossfit, too. I have found that I have to do my own additional stretches, warm-ups and cool downs to prevent injuries. Crossfit is the only place I can truly get out of my own head and be present. It’s a discipline of being present that I would like to translate in all areas of my life.

    I remember when we met at last year’s Blogalicious conference. It’s amazing to see your growth. You are right about feeling balance and defining that for yourself. Learn how to celebrate the small wins, now. That way you can truly enjoy the big ones!!!


    10.11.16 ·
    • Thanks so much, Tamara! I hope to see you at Blogalicious this year too. 🙂 I refused to come back to the conference doing the same things, the same old way.

      And I didn’t know that YOU did Crossfit either. I’m thinking of adding in some yoga to help with that too. It’s been a great workout – but being hurt really set me back. We’ll have to chat more. I hate to love Crossfit right now.

      10.13.16 ·
  2. Kristi says:

    Yes I want in on this 3 month challenge!!

    9.29.16 ·

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