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I have a secret. I have a reading list of books I’d like to read in my Amazon account that I always forget is there. I love to share book recommendations and quotes from books that I am reading on Snapchat but when I finish a book – I always forget that I have this list. 

So what better way to remember to check my reading list than to share with ya’ll? I read a combination of inspiration, motivation, and business related books. I love personal and professional development since I literally work every day to manifest a better version of myself. (see what I did there?)

I also follow Myleik Teele on all social media platforms and she’s a ferocious reader and maintains a reading list that’s pretty epic. Micheal Bosstick, Lauren Evart’s fiance from The Skinny Confidential, also shares recommendations on her blog and his Snapchat (@MichaelBosstick). I feel that these two give me the perfect merger of feminine and masculine reading material. 

Reading is the way that I learn new things. When I first started blogging and coaching a few years ago, I was big on attending conferences to learn new things. However, those can get very pricey, very fast. I was spending thousands of dollars on conferences (ticket, airfare, + hotel) and not always getting what I needed. Especially now that I’ve been blogging, coaching, and now speaking more frequently, I’ve learned that conferences aren’t always the venue for me to learn unless they are highly specialized. I’ve only been purchasing tickets if I know the workshops well in advance and have thoroughly researched the speakers. 


Nothing is worse than attending a conference and hoping to get some great takeaways and realizing that the information is what you already know or not what you needed. Sure, you can’t guarantee that your money will be well spent – BUT if you research beforehand, it’s less likely that you will be disappointed. This also means that you may miss the early-bird rates… but I’d rather pay the premium price and be positive that I’m getting the information that I need. 

In the meantime, I like to highlight, so I don’t rent books at the library which could make this learning vehicle even cheaper. I’ve also opted out of using e-reader versions unless it’s for pleasure (like 50 Shades of Grey – and yes, I read all 3). 

My list currently has 18+ books, but here’s my reading list for the next 90 days. 

Mastering the Art of Change


This book is all about changing your habits. I participated in the author’s fundraising campaign to self publish the book in 2015, and I’m just getting around to reading it now. The only version I was able to find online is the “briefly” version where it’s just the actionable steps to change, but feel free to learn more by going to the book website

Organize Tomorrow Today: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind To Optimize Performance at Work and in Life 


This was in a snap from Michael Bosstick – so I quickly took a screenshot to remember the title. It’s all about training your mind from an athletic and business perspective.

Crush It: Why NOW is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion


I’ve heard so much about Gary Vaynerchuk in the online business world so it’s about time I picked up one of his books. This is another one that I’ve also seen all over social media too. Gary shows you how to use the power of the Internet to turn your real interests into real businesses.

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get more Done in Less Time


Procrastinating has become a real problem of mine lately. I just put things off, put them off, and then try to rush to handle everything at the last minute. Then I’m all stressed out and wondering why I didn’t create an action plan for myself. Essentially, I’m forcing myself to eat a nasty frog for no good reason – so, I’m interested to see what this book is about.

A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband ‘Master’


I love the title of this book and it has amazing reviews on Amazon – I don’t even remember how it got on my list! BUT I’m planning to make this a vacation read while I’m in Belize in July. 

What’s on your reading list?


  1. Joey says:

    I have a to-read list a mile long as well … time to start tackling it like a boss!

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