On the Go with Dove

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Photo by Shanel Smith Photography

More than ever, my days have gotten progressively longer to get everything that I need to get done. I’m always on the go. As I’m writing this post (written in collaboration with Dove!), I’m sitting at my Godmother’s kitchen table in sunny Florida after celebrating her 70th birthday. I had a killer week at work, hopped on a plane, helped organize her birthday, and now I’m preparing to head back to the northeast… after I get a little work done. 

Knowing that my days are long, I need to prepare for the best and the worst; so I’m excited to share a product that I’ve been using to help me out. While this post is technically sponsored by Dove, I’m a long time user of the brand. Dove has always had a place in my bathroom in some fashion. 

Here’s an example of what my typical day looks like:

5am: Wake up

6am: Workout with my trainer

7:15am: Get dressed for work

8am: Head to work

8:45 – 5pm: Work the 9-5

5:15pm: Head home

6pm: Client calls

7pm: Dinner time with Kevin

7:30pm: Client calls

8:30pm: Work on Manifest Yourself

9:30pm: Watch TV with Kevin (and work on my lap top)

11pm: Bed time

When I’m not in the gym at 6am, then I’m working on my business from 5-7am or having my accountability partner calls. (Yes, I take calls before work with other business owners – I know ya’ll may think I’m crazy).

The days are long, so I need a deodorant that WORKS. I’ve upgraded to Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant and I can’t look back. The day above is an easy day – since I’m not traveling to events or conducting workshops after work. My deodorant has to get me beyond 8 hours of protection. But who wants deodorant that works for the minimum amount of time? Not me.

Dove Advanced Care provides 48-hours of protection and makes my underarms softer and smoother. Within 3 days of using Dove Advanced Care, my underarms looked and felt smoother – and I was protected for the entire day. I was worry-free at work and during evening workshops; cause I get nervous and sweat.

I know – you may not think I get nervous before speaking, but I do. I’ve been known to wear spanxx just to ensure that I don’t sweat through my clothes from nerves. It’s that bad. And sweat isn’t always a pleasant smell, so I make sure my underarms (the place where the sweat is the worst) is protected. 

So far – I’m in love, and this upgrade is going to be for the long haul! What type of deodorant do you use to get you through the day?