Why do you need a vision board?

why do you need a vision board

It’s the first week of 2017! 

Goal setting.


Vision boards.

These are the topics of many conversation in the first month of the year. Growing up, I remember the focus being on creating new year’s resolutions, but in recent years the focus has turned to creating a vision board. For the non-creative types – I hear people saying, “I don’t have the time, desire, or energy to cut and paste images on a piece of paper.” But it’s so much more than that.

It’s actually creating a visual representation for what you want in your life. 

We can write our goals down, we can share them with accountability groups, but do you know what achieving your goals looks like?

For decades, athletes and successful, influential people have been using the power of visualization to help them improve performance. They take the time visualize themselves doing the exact thing that they desire before they attempt to execute it. Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM), has a whole chapter of his book, and a section of his morning practice dedicated to the power of visualization too. 

So while many people may say that they can take 5-15 minutes per day to visualize their goals, creating a vision board helps solidify those visions with pictures, images, and text. And, to be 110% honest, I don’t think the average person dedicates 5-15 minutes per day to sit and visualize goals coming to fruition. However, they would take a minute or two to look at a curated vision board. 

Naturally, most people can conjure up some of the most painful memories, experiences, and failures in our lives in less than a moments notice. I can remember the exact moment that I met a boyfriend who changed a lot of my college experiences. I can visualize myself walking down the hallway of my college dormitory and seeing him outside of the side door smiling. I know exactly what he was wearing and can still feel the emotions that immediately flooded my mind. Crazy, right?

But sometimes it’s hard for me to conjure up the same emotions of positive moments in my life. I can’t remember the exact feeling and experience of getting my masters degree and how happy I was to finish my program. I worked full time, interned part time, and took a full course load for 2 years… I worked hard for that degree! But, I can’t remember the feelings of success I had that day. 

However, when I look at my vision board, it’s much easier for me to “place” myself in the moment where I’ve achieved my goals. I can “see” myself there and feel how proud I will be. 


“See things as you have them be instead of as they are.” Robert Collier


There’s a power in creating a vision board so you can easily visualize your future success. Now, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I didn’t mention that a vision board is NOT an actual plan of action. But, it’s an integral part of your success strategy.

Defined goals. A clear vision (your vision board). A plan of action.


Now go blow 2017 out of the water and crush your goals!

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