3 Things You Need to Do After You Attend an Empowerment Event

Want to know a secret? I’ve been debating changing the name of The Empowerment Social due to the reputation of empowerment events.
There are SO many empowerment events popping up all over major cities, that I worry my event will get lumped in with the masses when I work hard to ensure TES is so much more than “just another empowerment event”.
The real issue is that professionals need more than just empowerment. Empowerment doesn’t pay the bills. Empowerment doesn’t always lead to action. Empowerment doesn’t give you clarity on what your next step needs to be.
So here’s what you need to do after attending an empowerment event:

1. Review your notes:

And I sure hope you have notes to review! When you’re going to empowerment events, it’s important that you notate what you’re excited about or key points from any speakers or panels that you’re listening too.
When you’re reviewing your notes the next day, try to see if you see any themes about what gets you excited and why. Use your notes to research any speakers or panelists that you found impactful and learn more about their work. In this age of social media, I also challenge you to get off Instagram and head on over to their website. Social media has tidbits of information, websites have the full story.

2. Determine 3 action steps you need to take:

I know you’re feeling motivated and inspired after the event – you probably want to change your entire life. But, no change will happen if you keep saying you’re going to “change your whole life and do better” if you don’t take a moment to provide yourself with concrete changes that you’d like to make.
After reviewing your notes, think about the gaps the event brought to attention in your life. Essentially, what is the gap between where you are right now, and where you’d like to be. Then, determine 3 action steps that you’re able to take.

3. Create a plan:

Writing down action steps doesn’t mean that you’ll actually take any action. We all know this by now, right? You have to create a plan, change your habits, and start to execute key tasks to ensure that you’re moving the needle towards your goals.
Maybe you use a planner, an Asana board, or maybe you’re already using the “Stop Dreaming & Start Planning” system to help you go from a dream to an executable plan. Whatever you decide is purely your preference – but keeping ideas and goals in your head is not a plan.
All in all, empowerment events are not bad; the issue is that most of the events get you motivated to change, but don’t give you clear next steps or information to make that change.
*shameless plug* The Empowerment Social isn’t like this because all of our speakers are instructed to give the audience a minimum of 3 actionable tips. It’s not all about selling from the stage or simply making people feel good; it’s about empowering you with the information that you need to make key changes in your life.
In my mind – that’s what empowerment is all about.