My Response to Dove

This past weekend, the internet was in a rage about Dove and the recent screenshot from a short advertising video that was plastered all over the internet revealing a “black woman turning into a white woman”. Whether people saw the full ad or they didn’t – it caused a bunch of emotions for women of color.

Back in 2011, I started my online business as a blogger who collaborated with brands; and Dove was one of those brands. I was shocked when Dove representatives reached out to chat with me about what happened and personally apologized for offending their audience. While the ad being released was not approved by the US based team, they took full ownership for it being released. 

They explained how there isn’t a true process for the marketing efforts of the global brand. In short, another team created, approved, and released the video… and the digital marketing agency released it to the US market without getting approval on the US-based Facebook page. They were just as shocked as consumers were when the video was released and they started seeing images pop up all over the internet this weekend. 

In the video below – I share my response and feelings about the ad, but more importantly information on what’s next for Dove. Also, please note that I am not representing Dove in this post and all opinions are my own. 


Dove’s Updated Statement

Did Dove just call me dirty? by Danielle Brooks

The Black Model In The Controversial Dove Ad Responds To The Backlash by Lisa a la mode


What do you think should happen next?


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