#MYMoves in August: A 31-Day Challenge

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I’ve had a love-hate relationship with exercise for a long time. There are moments when I get really into it and work out five days out of the week, but there are other times when I really really really don’t feel like schlepping myself all the way to the gym or forcing myself to go on a run.

As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve found little tips and tricks to get in some form of a workout every day. I’ve realized that you don’t have to go from not working out to running six miles in an instant. That’s not healthy for your body and certainly doesn’t help your morale. You have to ease yourself into it.

The little things can help you build up your strength and energy for a bigger workout.

31 day challenge

After a long winter and rainy spring, summer is a nice contrast to all the slippery ice and deep puddles. I can finally do something outside and enjoy the sunshine, because summer is all about being outdoors. You can swim, run, dance, rollerblade, or do anything you can imagine outside.

For this upcoming month, I want to challenge you (and myself) to get moving in any way possible. I want to see how everyday people get in their workouts, not just models or celebrities.

I want to know: what is your favorite way to move? And I don’t just mean your favorite exercises and workouts. I want to know the little things you do every day to keep your body going. Did you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Did you walk around the mall to reach those 10,000 steps? Did you ride your bike an extra mile to get that rare Pokémon? Did you carry your load of laundry all the way to the Laundromat? I want to know it all.

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Let’s not only celebrate the people that run 13 miles, but also those that are just getting started. Because any moves are better than no moves. You can still be active without going to the gym. All it takes is one small step.

For the month of August, let’s get moving every day. Enter your name and email below so you can follow along as you and I take a month-long journey to get movin’.

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MyMoves 31 Day Challenge


Kasey Bandilla is a junior at Fordham University, majoring in Communications and Media Studies. She’s from a small town near the Jersey Shore, and, contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t know Snooki.