Manifest Your Vision Recap

I’m so excited to share this post with you today…

It’s the official recap from my very first {and definitely not the last}, Manifest Your Vision event. 

MYV 2015The evening was so beautiful – and I was so excited to share vision boarding in a larger group setting. The event sold out the day before. {THANK YOU!!!!}

As guests walked in, I had some snacks and goodie bags lined up on the back window at In Good Company in New York City. This is by far one of my favorite co-working spaces in NYC. The space is exclusively for female entrepreneurs who do a bunch of cool stuff. 

MYV 2015 12
The bags contained full size products from Frank Body, Belvoir, Cyc Fitness, and a few small gifts from me {including a vision notebook}. Since the event, I’ve only heard amazing things about Frank – I think I’ve gotten all of my friends hooked on the coffee scrub!

Manifest Your Vision

Another one of the major hits for the night was the Belvoir lemonades – they were SO refreshing. {hint: you can cop your own at Whole Foods in the refrigerated drinks section}

MYV 2015 2

After everyone got settled in I shared my personal story about manifesting more in my life – and how several things have come to fruition since creating my own vision board in January 2015. It’s amazing how vision boards naturally help you start to work towards your own goals. I will say that the key is looking at the board though. Hiding it behind the sofa won’t activate the manifesting powers!

MYV 2015 7

There’s also no wrong way – or right way to create a vision board. I generally use a combination of motivational phrases and pictures to illustrate my own goals. I enjoyed seeing how people gravitated to certain pictures, words, and images to create something meaningful to them. 

MYV 2015 6

Mid way through the event, Leora Edut, Creator of Goddess on the Go, led us through a beautiful guided mediation. Coincidentally, we timed this to occur right before most attendees starting glueing down their words and pictures. She also brought some Abundance oil to help us all concentrate and focus on all of the positive energy we wanted to bring into our lives. 

MYV 2015 8After the meditation, the group resumed networking and completing the boards. In my opinion, it takes a good 2 hours to make a vision board – at least for me! I never really have a set plan when I sit down, so I take my time and let it all come to me. 

MYV 2015 9

And – last but not least – we had some time to share. A few of the attendees shared their vision with the group. It’s such a powerful thing to publicly share your goals and aspirations. That’s the first seed in letting the universe know that you are ready for MORE!

MYV 2015 10Every single board looked a bit different, and everyone’s goals were different. But the main point that I wanted to convey to the attendees was that the work is not done after the event – that is where the real work actually begins.

Creating a vision for your life is the catalyst to creating MORE. More love, more abundance, more wealth, more community, more anything that your heart desires. 




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