Losing 30 before my #Dirty30

weight gain after weight loss

Ya’ll – I’ve written this post before – probably at least 3 times over the last 6 years. However, I keep writing it since I know I’m not alone. 

Way back in May 2016, I shared that I gained about 20+lbs over the past year. Well, now it’s about a year and a half since my body building prep days and I’ve gained much closer to 40lbs. 

I’m at my heaviest weight ever. 

I’ve literally cried looking at my body in the mirror and while peeling off Spanx after a long networking event where I needed them to “smooth things out”. 

weight gain after weight loss

And these photos make me cringe. I was going to put up a side by side comparison… but that would hurt my own feelings. BUT you can see the difference if you hop over here… Yes – so many people have told me that I “hold” the weight well – but that still doesn’t feel good.

It doesn’t feel good when I walk up 4 flights of stairs.

It doesn’t feel good when my clothes don’t fit.

But most of all, it doesn’t feel good when I think about the long term health risks for holding onto this much extra weight. I recently went to a local seminar on diabetes and it scared me straight. I got a pre-screening from a hospital nurse and my glucose levels were a bit low, and my blood pressure a bit too high. Now, this doesn’t mean I have diabetes or high blood pressure – but it definitely means that I’m at risk. 

When I asked the nurse what to do – do you know what she said?

Diet and exercise.


As usual. I swear that diet and exercise could cure a 3rd degree burn! That’s always the answer to most health concerns, right? And it’s also a preventive measure to take. So I’m taking it. 

In July 2017, I’ll be 30. And, I can’t be walking into my dirty 30s with 30lbs of extra weight. It. Ain’t. Happening. 

I’ve set so many goals, hired so many trainers, paid so much money, missed SO many opportunities because I didn’t commit to living a healthier lifestyle. If I could count the amount of times I’ve not gone to the beach, or went and felt SO uncomfortable… I’d need a 1,000 page legal pad. I’ve also turned down M.Y opportunities because I wasn’t comfortable being seen in certain clothes or certain places. 

Basically anything that would make my weight/size uber apparent. 

I’m at the point where I’ve purchased extra large mens t-shirts and pullovers to workout in. I don’t want any parts of my body to be seen. I wear exactly what you see in these pictures – and I used to be the girl who refused to workout in shirts with sleeves. Now, I’m not comfortable unless I’m in something loose and baggy on top to cover myself up. 

weight gain after weight loss

But that’s enough whining for today – because I’m doing something about it.

I’m working with a trainer and committed to getting my diet back in order. I’ve completed 5 gym sessions this week, and tracked my eating everyday. I’m down 1.4 lbs! *small wins* 

I want to walk into my #Dirty30 as the BEST version of myself – preferably somewhere tropical in a bikini that shows off all of my hard work from the previous 6 months. At this point, it’s not even just a goal – it’s about my health.

I don’t have a fancy challenge to share or a new M.Y. hashtag – but I will say, call me out over the next few months. If you don’t see me snapping about workouts, or chatting about fitness related things here or on social media – ask me how my 30 before #dirty30 is going. 30 lbs before July 2017 is my mission.


And if you have a mission or goal in 2017 – I’d love for you to apply to the Pivot Yourself 2017 program. This is the “personal” goal that I’ll be focusing on in 2017 – and I’ve also got a bunch of professional goals that the new group will also hear about too. Early bird applications close on 12/15.



  1. Crystal says:

    I have the exact goal! My birthday is July 6th and I’m headed to D.R. and I have to be fine like wine off a grape vine before my #dirty30 lol! Looking for to great success from the both us!

    12.13.16 ·
  2. I can definitely understand! Extra weight does not feel good at all! I need to get back on track with my weight goal. I had gained some weight (around 10lbs) and it freaked me out. I think I have lost it due to recent stressors, but thats not the best way to lose weight. I’m working on this goal with you!

    12.7.16 ·
  3. Faith says:

    You got this! I gained some weight the last few months too and am working on getting rid of it. You are right … the extra weight just doesn’t feel good, at all.

    12.5.16 ·
    • Glad to know I’m not alone! 2017 will be the year, girlie!

      12.6.16 ·

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