The Perfect Tote for NYC Commuters: The TT


The Perfect Tote

A few months ago I wrote about the top 4 NYC designer work totes … well, I forgot one. Shortly after that post, I purchased The OG from Lo&Sons. After seeing this bag reviewed over and over again online, I felt brainwashed and couldn’t stop thinking about the bag… I caved during the holidays and purchased one the second I saw a 20% off code.

When The OG came in the mail, I was beside myself. I love every inch of that bag as if it were my first born child. I can hold everything and anything in there. BUT, I had one problem… it seemed to get in the way while commuting. I have a 40 minute LIRR ride followed by a 20 minutes subway ride… times 2 every single day. I’m hustling through crowds, jamming myself into subway cars that are overcrowded, and squeezing to find a seat everyday. The OG just seemed to get in the way… and knock into my fellow commuters.

If you’ve ever been on a crowded NYC subway, you know that hitting someone with your belongings is a cardinal sin. In an effort to avoid any subway drama, I headed back to the Lo & Sons website in search of something that would still provide me with the storage I need BUT fit a little better under my arm. Enter: The TT aka the perfect tote for NYC commuters.

Lo & Sons TT

This tote fits snuggly under my arm due to its’ flat design, but it still has all of the pockets I need to carry all of my commuting needs. If you head over to the L&S website, they even have a video showing how to pack the tote in order to maximize the space. On a day to day basis, I have the following items in my bag:

  • iPad
  • folder packed with mail
  • reading book
  • 2 sets of business cards in cases (work + blog)
  • Makeup bag (nail file, pain killers, mints, pens, lip balm, ect)
  • planner (monthly/weekly style, so it’s thicker)
  • wallet + checkbook
  • a workbook
  • my lunch and snacks
  • umbrella

And guess what? Sometimes I can even squeeze in a set of workout clothes if I have a session in the city after work. The part I love the most is that the bag always fits nicely under my arm; even when I pack it to the brim. When I’m on the train, I can lay it across my lap and use it as a mini stand to hold my reading book up. Or I can push it back under my arm and navigate through the oh-so-crowded Penn Station and not knock anyone out.

Best NYC Work Tote

While I love The OG (my first born child), I will have to say that The TT (my second born), is just as wonderful. A mother can never decide between her 2 children, so I’ve resorted to using my OG for overnight trips or as a carry on when I fly AND I use the TT for day-to-day travels to and from work. I’ve got the perfect designer bag family! šŸ™‚

Most of my bags are black and brown, so when I had the opportunity to choose another color for the TT, I selected navy. This color is flawless. Inside it looks like a true (darker) navy, but in the direct sunlight it looks a bit brighter. Did I mention that the material is waterproof too? This bag is functional and practical for the working woman who is on the go in NYC, or any where else for that matter.

I was provided with this bag in exchange for a review. However, I love this brand SO much that I probably would have purchased it on my own eventually anyways. All opinions are my own. 

What is your favorite tote for work?

Do you carry a small or large bag?

Have you heard of Lo&Sons? If not… head to their website… now!


  1. Had I seen this post before I bought my bag, I might have purchased the TT! It looks amazing. I have a Sherpani bag which works as a purse/carry-on for air travel. It holds a remarkable amount of stuff, but doesn’t have the inner divider the TT does, and is a more casual style.
    I enjoy your blog!

    4.3.14 ·
    • Thanks, Susan! Well… you can never go wrong by getting another bag! šŸ™‚

      4.4.14 ·
  2. So glad to hear that you love it! I’m a huge Lo & Sons fan and while I’m trying to be fiscally responsible and avoid the splurge, I’m pretty sure the TT will soon join my Lo &Son’s collection as well!

    4.2.14 ·
    • Do it, do it! Their bags are just incredible… seriously. No complaints here.

      4.3.14 ·
  3. I have heard greats things about Lo & Sons. I bought a Kate Spade bag on Gilt last year and it is incredibly adorable (black polka dots with pink lining). I love it and it’s the perfect tote for work but it doesn’t have a ton of compartments so things do get kind of lost in there.

    I use my bag as a weapon on the subway. Haha!

    4.2.14 ·
    • Hahahaha ( @ the weapon part). Use what you can! I’m pretty sure you would love either bag (The OG or TT) for their defending abilities. And they both have pockets galore. I prefer the TT for work though since the design is a tad sleeker.

      4.3.14 ·

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