Life on Fleek

What is on fleek?

Have you heard the term “on fleek”? If you haven’t, here’s a breakdown. But, to get right into it – I want my life to be on fleek. Screw having my eyebrows, hair, and nails on fleek – I want my entire life to be on fleek. 2014 was a major year of transition for me. So much so, that I am just now feeling like I am getting my bearings on how I want to live out the remainder of my 20s and beyond. Let’s break it down though. 


I’m in a unique position in my full time and entrepreneurial pursuits. I went through a phase where I wasn’t really sure what my next step should be and I craved more direction. After facing a little rejection, and really connecting to what I desire – I’m excited to see what the next few years will bring. 

I have a plan that I really can’t share much about here until it happens – but I’m excited. My 20s have proved to be a time of massive growth and change. And the biggest area of growth has been augmenting the vision that I thought would be a clear path. My path has definitely changed, but it’s for the better.


I’m a New Yorker, baby! Living and working in New York City has been a dream come true. I swore up and down that I was going to do this at age 21, but my meager salary at my first full time job told me to keep my behind in Long Island. Now, I can concentrate more on creating a home for myself. 

I no longer have a space that is a mishmash of furniature, memories, and accessories; I have a space that I am slowly curating. This is a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely. I not only feel comfortable, but I am proud of the space I have created.


I’m learning to love myself – unconditionally – for the very first time. Going through a divorce literally ripped everything that I knew from my hands and heart – and forced me to reassess. It taught me to be resourceful, plan, and most importantly – focus more on my self-care regime. The most important relationship that I am in is with myself. 

While I may be dating a bit – it’s a work in progress. Somedays I’m ready and willing to go out and mingle – and other nights I want to be cuddled up in bed with my body pillow, a great book, and some popcorn. I’m learning to listen to my intuition and determine what it really is that I need in a relationship with myself and others. 


Going along with self love and self care, I’m working on creating a better regime for myself to ensure that I am strong and healthy. Stress makes me sick – and I need to change that. I’ve also been on an extra slow and steady weight loss journey since April 2011. I want to finally get to the phase where I can maintain and not be concerned or worried about losing. I’m down 25lbs, and I know I’ve got another 15+ to go.

I feel like it’s really my time to go hard or go home – it’s my time to get my life on fleek. It’s time to make progress. It’s time to actually do all of the things that I keep saying that I want to do. 

This week I joined a 20 week women’s circle so I can get support around the facets of my life that I want to be on fleek AND more. It starts the last week in March and continues through August – and I am so nervous. As I mature, I realize that I need more assistance and support in order to stay accountable. 

I’ve used coaches for my business, I provide personal coaching to others, I’ve seen a therapist before, but I’ve never worked with a coach in a group setting to accomplish goals and progress in multiple areas of my life. I believe in the power of working in groups to achieve more, so I am excited. 

The accountability of weekly in-person meetings will be an asset to holding me liable for my own dreams and wishes of an on fleek lifestyle. It’s a merger of personal, business, career, and wellbeing that is perfect for the vision that I want to create for my life. We shall see how it goes – and I’ll be sure to share what I learn along the way.



  1. “On Fleek” has taken over! I feel silly using it, I”ve tried! I get it tho, totally! I need the passion in my life to get on fleek! I am trying to get laser focused to do so!

    3.20.15 ·
    • And you will! I felt funny at first using it, but now I kind of like it. 🙂

      3.23.15 ·
  2. Dan says:

    Keep fine tuning and you’ll find your fleek balance … cheers!

    3.18.15 ·
  3. Oooo definitely my career. I know what I want to do, I just need to get there. I also need time! More time in each day please!

    3.17.15 ·
    • Hahaha – we all need a bit more time! I just wish I could work a few extra hours during the day but still get 8+ hours of sleep. The little things, ya know? 🙂

      3.18.15 ·
  4. Go on girl. This is the only appropriate adult use of “on fleek” I have seen

    3.17.15 ·
  5. Great post! And you finally motivated me to look up what this actually means. LOL. My big bucket list item was to live in NYC as well!

    3.17.15 ·
    • Well, now you know! + the history too! 🙂 NYC is such a big dream – and expensive one – but a dream nonetheless.

      3.18.15 ·
  6. Carline says:

    I loved this post.

    3.17.15 ·
  7. Carline says:

    I love this post. I will be getting my life on fleek too! Starting today.

    3.17.15 ·
    • Awww, thanks Carline! Hope all is well with you and the fam!

      3.18.15 ·
  8. Ivanna says:

    I love this post! I want my entire life on Fleek also. You are doing great keep going girl! Thanks for this inspirational post!

    3.17.15 ·
    • You are very welcome, Ivanna! And thanks for all the love on IG.

      3.18.15 ·
  9. Cell says:

    Greatness KB! Keep on doing great things, friend!

    3.17.15 ·
  10. Cassandre says:

    This post inspired me on so many levels. You’re fantastic my dear 🙂 Right now in order of priority I need my career and blog life to be “on fleek”. I’m getting to a good place with my health and overall well-being and feel that’s an ongoing process

    3.17.15 ·
    • Health always seems to be a process that is never ending – but once you are in a groove, everything else seems to soar! I’ll be rooting for you.

      3.18.15 ·
  11. Loved this article! I have been working on getting my entire life together and “on fleek”. I am working on my career as well as working on my physical, spiritual and emotional well being. In doing so, I have seen tremendous progress…
    I love your blog and your writing style! Continue and stay Blessed!

    3.17.15 ·
    • Thanks so much, Marquita! And I’m right with you – all I want is my life to be on fleek. Nothing more, nothing less.

      3.18.15 ·
  12. I’m working on getting my career, social life, and well-being on fleek! I’m pushing 25 and I feel like its time to get my life together 🙂

    3.17.15 ·
    • I remember those days – I had a mini quarter life crisis when I turned 25 years old. It’s a fun time – but can be stressful. If you’ve got a vision for what you want, you’ll get it done. Period. xo

      3.18.15 ·
  13. Aliah says:

    You are so focused, amazing, and determined that I know your life will be on fleek in no time! It has been incredible to follow your growth and I can’t wait to see what’s next professionally and how your women’s circle helps you to have the life you envision. You deserve this and more!
    Me? I love that I reinvented myself in order to gain fulfillment professionally (I wouldn’t compromise!) and spiritually and my health and fitness goals are finally going full throttle. I am confident that this will be my best year yet!

    3.17.15 ·
    • Thanks, Lia! xo AND you are an inspiration to me every single day. You’ve created such a wonderful life and career for yourself. One of these days we need to meet up so I can pick your brain a bit.

      3.18.15 ·

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