Life Lately

Life Lately

It’s taken me a moment to decide what I’d actually like to title this post, but “Life Lately” seemed appropriate. Isn’t this title that most bloggers use when they just want to update you on their life? So get ready…

In 2016 – my life has gone completely crazy. I really don’t know how else to describe it. Some things are super, duper, uber personal that aren’t ever going to appear in a blog post – cause, ya know, some things need to remain private. But other things I can definitely chat more about…

Like starting a new job this past Monday. 

I’ve started new jobs before, but this time around it’s different. I’m no longer an entry level employee that needs training – for the first time I was hired with expectations of being able to hit the ground running. And by running, I kind of mean a moderate sprinting pace. 

Yes, I am so excited, but I am also scared for the first time in my entire career. Like, what if I fail? Will they regret hiring me? Will I be out on the street trying my have unemployment cover my super high NYC rent?

Oh – and about living in NYC – my new job is a 2 hour commute from my Harlem apartment. So, taking them up on a relocation to New Jersey is really sounding good. 

Did I also mention that I have an upper respiratory, sinus infection, cold/flu type of thing going on? I feel disgusting, and I’m at a new job with high expectations. But when you are all medicated with Sudafed, you can feel a bit cloudy. I really feel like I should be wearing a t-shirt that says, “please don’t talk to me until I’m no longer medicated”.

I know things are off because I actually dreamt that I shut Manifest Yourself down. And for 1 quick second, I actually felt relieved.


But then I realized that I think I am just really, really overwhelmed right now and I don’t have a plan in order to be successful. You know, like the wonderful plans I create for my private clients. 


Yet another ah-ha moment where I realize what my own problem is but I’m too busy creating plans for other people to create my own. 

Right now I’m really just letting life happen to me.  I’m not organizing my time. I’m not planning for my blog. I’m not taking care of my health. I’m just waking up like “Alright world – give it to me.” Which means I go to sleep exhausted and unaccomplished at an abnormally early time since I’m stressed out and fatigued. 

But for the first time in a long time, my love life is on the up and up. We went through a little “patch” in January, but I think the universe made that drama happen for a reason. I’m not quite sure why – or even grateful for the drama (just yet), but we are in such a good place now. If we are friends in real life – you may have seen his handsome face pop up in my personal Instagram or Facebook feed. Cause sometimes you just get so excited about love that you’ve got to share a cute selfie…. or possible a quick snap on SnapChat (@manifesturself) of you doing face masks together over the weekend… just saying. 

But back to the messy stuff – something has got to give so I can mentally and physically feel better. I’m working on it – slowly but surely – but in the interim, I ask that you bear with me. 

And if you have any life snatching tips to share with me – I welcome them ALL. Please and many thanks. xo


  1. Nellie says:

    I have no life snatching tips except just keep moving forward. I also have a URI and it is devastating. I’ve been on antibiotics for 8 days and its annoying AF. Glad you and your boo are doing well! 2 hours is a long commute. I have friends in Jersey, its not so bad…actually hoboken is kind of stunning…

    2.23.16 ·
    • Thanks, girlie! I know you understand the busy busy schedule. It’s a bit much. I’m really thinking hard about relocating cause in bad days the commute is over 3 hours each way.

      3.9.16 ·

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