You have more cell phone options: Try the LG G3

 LG G3 Review

Most people I know have 1 of 2 phones. You are either Team iPhone or Team Android with the Galaxy. Occasionally I see a Galaxy Note, but really that’s about it. Today I want to chat about another option, the LG G3, which I have been testing out for the past month. 

Before I get into my review, I do want to note that I did some research before agreeing to chat about this phone. I headed over to my favorite tech website, CNET, and watched this comparison video (LG G3 vs Galaxy S5). I love technology, but I am not a techie, so I wanted to see someone use the phones side by side to ensure that all of the features I know and love would be there too. They were AND I loved the sleek design, so I agreed. LG also openly addresses the benefits on their site as well! And not in a snarky commercial way either. Now let’s get into my favorite parts of the LG G3. 

The number one thing that I look for in a phone is a high quality camera. Period. I disable a whole bunch of other features that I can’t figure out how to use or I have apps to use – but the camera is a feature I cannot do without. I also don’t use any apps to enhance my pictures except for taking a picture within Instagram when I know I want to post something vs having to resize it.LG G3 Review

This camera has been phenomenal and if you head on over to my IG – unless noted, the pictures on my IG for the past few weeks have allllll been taken with the LG G3, and I haven’t used filters. You are also able to take photos + selfies with a single tap or by using specific hand motions. This is perfect for moments when you want to use the timer too!

Another fun feature is the use of a knock code. I don’t keep a passcode on my phone, but when my phone obsessed 2 year old nephew is around, I try to keep it locked. LG made this even easier, because you can create “guest codes”. When someone unlocks the phone as a guest, they can only see and use certain feature. Oddly enough, once I show my nephew how to get in, he remembers, so he knows that he has to input his code to get into Auntie’s phone. 

LG G3 Review

Within a day of use, I also started to appreciate the Smart Notices as well. The LG G3 can remind you to call someone back, to put on a coat when the weather suddenly drops, or store a number – among a host of other reminders. They also aren’t intrusive either – just a small window on the home screen that you can easily click out of if necessary. 

Last but not least – I have to talk about the screen resolution. It’s HD, obviously, but it’s so vibrant because it’s actually QuadHD! The phone comes pre-loaded with an amazing gallery to showcases scenic views that really show off the screen quality. It does drain the battery when I have it on full strength, but I definitely flip it on when I take photos or watch videos so I can see everything in full, rich colors. 

Also – when I use the LG Tone Infinim with the LG G3 – I can see the battery life for the headset in the status bar as well. I feel like I have the perfect technology combination. 

*Special thanks to LG for sending me the G3 to review. As always, all opinions are my own*



  1. Cassandre says:

    I’m currently team iphone but definitely open to changing. the camera quality is definitely not the best

    3.11.15 ·
  2. Aliah says:

    I’ve been Team iPhone for a long time but I’ve been on the lookout for a phone with a better camera. My iPhone 6 Plus is lackluster so thanks for the heads up on the LG G3!

    3.10.15 ·
    • Anytime! It really has changed my photos – and I love the overall design of the phone too.

      3.10.15 ·
  3. I definitely need a good camera on my phone! It makes life so much easier. This one looks particularly amazing! I love how clear it looks!

    3.10.15 ·
    • Yes! It really helps when I travel or go to events and don’t carry my big camera too.

      3.10.15 ·
  4. I’m team iPhone. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to switch! Isn’t it crazy how committed we are to technology lol

    3.10.15 ·
    • Hahahaha! I’m not surprised to hear that. I recently caved and bought a Mac, but the quality of the cameras on iPhones never got me to make the switch. 🙂 Next time you’re on the market – I always take a picture with all of the phones I want in the store and compare the quality.

      3.10.15 ·

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