Last call for summertime brunch {with H+M}

Summer time Brunch with H&M


I still cannot believe that summer is already gone – seriously. I’m already having withdrawals – but luckily – I have one more girls brunch this weekend at Madiba/MIST in Harlem. >>> if you’re in the NYC area, you can grab tickets here for the Summer Chic Brunch for $45<<<
One of my current goals is to embrace Harlem with open arms over the next 2 years. I have no idea what the universe has in the cards for me when my lease is up in May 2017 – so I want to enjoy living in NYC as much as possible. 
One thing that stresses me out is finding affordable things to wear while I’m out and about. I refuse to spend $150 on an outfit every time I want to go out – so I’ve been hunting around in stores like H+M for affordable AND fashionable finds. In the collage above – EVERYTHING is from H+M, and it’s all under $50. YUP – it’s possible. 
I love finding bright colors for brunches in the summer time – it just makes me feel ready to have a great time. I would also wear any of these combinations to a rooftop evening event as well. I may have to find another event to attend this weekend just to optimize on the last call for summer parties in NYC. 
one, $23 / two, $12 / three, $9.20 / four, $38 / five, $31 / six, $46 / seven, $46 / eight, $9.18 / nine, $23 / ten, $6.12 / eleven, $4.58