Keep it Sexy After the Gym

Squelch Campaign Review


This post is for all my morning gym goers who need to keep it sexy after the gym. You know the drill.

You get up early, hopefully you packed your bags the night before, and you make your way to the gym. I personally love taking 6:30am spin classes. You sweat it out, leave the class 5 minutes early to hit the showers before the rest of the class gets out, and quickly get dressed to head to work.

But wait… what did you do with your sweaty gym clothes?

Squelch Campaign Review


Yea… mine are usually jumbled up in a gym-branded plastic bag and thrown in my duffle bag until I get home. Once I get home, I have too air them out and then throw them in the hamper. But when I first open that bag? Uggh. It’s kinda gross. If it was a hard workout, the clothes were soaked in sweat and being in a plastic bag all day leaves quite a nasty scent. 

Well, to solve my problem, I’ve found Squelch, a natural, scentless odor remover. After I hop out the shower at the gym, I spray my clothes and then put them in the plastic bag. When I get home, the clothes don’t smell nearly as bad. 

Squelch Campaign Review

This spray also serves as a natural odor remover for:

Getting rid of the “smoke smell” in your hair or on your clothes from a bar / club

Getting rid of pet odor

Freshening up your furniture before a cocktail party at your apartment

Freshening up a thrift or vintage store piece of clothing

Removing wine and coffee stains

One of my favorite things about Squelch is the size. It’s so convenient and portable that you can carry it with you in almost any bag. I’ve found myself using it in my office at work on furniture or after I warm up my meal prep for lunch and want the smell to go away in my office. This will definitely become a staple in my purse everyday.

This post was created in collaboration with Out Of Office NY Network and Squelch. All opinions are my own.