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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Instead of my usual fitness update, I want to talk more about fitness gear. I feel like this post could also be titled “You know you’re a fitness blogger when…. you have more workout clothes than work clothes.” I love buying new gym clothes, so when I had the opportunity to work on a campaign for PUMA, it was a win win.

Puma Fitness Campaign

My first PUMA purchase was during a gym emergency in the summer of 2009. For some reason I completely forgot to pack gym pants in my bag. Seriously? Most people forget socks or a sports bra, but I forget pants. Anyways, I think this was how the Fitness Gods conspired to make me fall in love with PUMA. Luckily, my gym (that I still go to) has a full apparel section, so I hopped over to the sales rack and found a pair of black capris that happened to be made my PUMA.

I didn’t think much of them, since I was still heated that I had to buy clothes at the gym, but then I tried them on. They. Fit. Perfectly…. and dare I say my booty looked amazing too. They fit like a glove, tucked in my stomach, lifted my booty and stayed in place throughout my entire workout. The material also wicks away sweat so I never have the dreaded-I-peed-myself sweat marks. I still love and wear them today!

Now onto the new clothes!

Puma Fitness Campaign

I purposely wore them to a training session so I could see how they moved during a high impact workouts. Let’s start with the Gym Tank . I generally stay away from tops like this since they never stay in place, so I was nervous when the clothes came in the mail. BUT I was so so so so wrong. This top stayed in place and is made with coolCELL technology so sweat is wicked away from your body. There are also some super chic panels that help increase airflow.

However, my favorite features are the sexy back of this top AND the fact that I didn’t have to wear a sports bra. TMI… but I am a 36C, so the girls have to be contained. The back of this top was so pretty that I didn’t want to ruin the look with a sports bra showing through, so I gave it a go without and everything stayed in place. There are mini clasps around the bra-top band (inside) that allow you to tighten the band to make the fit even more secure.

In my experience, any sports jacket with thumb holes becomes and instant favorite. I joked about how the All Eyes on Me Jacket  was obviously made just for me on Facebook the other day too. This jacket has the same coolCELL and airflow panels as the Gym Tank, so it just feels great. I only kept the jacket on for my warm up, but I could see that this is perfect for outdoor runs or walks as well. After my workout, I traveled 3 hours back to CT to visit my parents, and I was amazed at how comfortable and fashionable the fit was. I have been wearing this jacket while I run errands lately too. 

Now onto the bottoms, the Color Me Up Tights are so fun! This is my first pair of printed workout pants… and they definitely won’t be my last. These have a “Tight Fit” so they hug every curve. I was a tad self-conscious… until I saw how vibrant they looked during my workout.  I love how the description on the website says “Because, half a billion leg lifts later, why shouldn’t you show ’em off?”  In true PUMA fashion, these have the coolCELL technology and airflow panels so you never feel “wet” during a high intensity workout.

The Mobile Elite v 2 sneakers are my new favorite. This  is an adaptive running shoe is designed specifically for women and it literally adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride. PUMA uses three technologies, the Mobium Band, Expansion Pods, and the Windlass Chassis, which operate as a system to increase efficiency during a run. In Lehman’s terms, this means that the shoes are super comfortable. I’ve worn them during all of my training sessions since they came in the mail AND to walk to work. Did I mention that everyone compliments the colors and design too?

What is your favorite training gear? 

Do you own anything from PUMA?

Is coolCELL technology a must-have in your gym gear?


  1. I also have some puma sneakers i bought mine two month ago (when i started the him seriously) i love them! my next buying will be for sure the Gym Tank.

    Thanks for the sharing!

    4.14.14 ·
    • Anytime! Let me know if you get that tank. It is so comfortable. 🙂

      4.18.14 ·
  2. I love your new Puma gear! Those tights are so cool! And the back of that top is really cute. I’ve only even had Puma shoes and a Puma jacket, I will have to try their pants after your review!! 😉

    4.8.14 ·
  3. Liz says:

    All of those are so cute! I especially want the shoes! They may have to be my next purchase…

    Fun workout clothes definitely inspire me to workout more!

    4.7.14 ·
    • The shoes are GREAT! Definitely a good buy if you decide to make a purchase.

      4.7.14 ·
  4. I don’t think I currently have anything from Puma. I love the back of that top. It is so pretty! I laughed about the peed-myself-sweat-marks. I HATE that so much!! I love the print on these pants! 🙂

    4.7.14 ·
    • It’s SO embarrassing when that happens. Even though I know it’s sweat… I just wish I sweat more on my stomach or back NOT there. lol

      4.7.14 ·
  5. I love those leggings! Im a huge leggings hoarder so I’ll def be checking these out!

    4.7.14 ·
    • I’m slowly becoming one myself. They are perfect for workouts, casual nights, sleeping… the list could go on and on.

      4.7.14 ·
  6. I love this outfit and may have to snag some Puma and try out this coolCell technology! I’ve owned Puma footwear but never their workout clothes. I’m on a huge shopping for workout clothes kick so this is great inspiration for my next splurge! 🙂

    4.7.14 ·
    • *chanting* do it, do it! The coolCell makes you feel less “icky” during intense workouts since you never feel wet.

      4.7.14 ·
  7. These look fantastic! I am allllll about pants that fit the booty. I have tons of workout bottoms but only 3-4 that fit the booty properly. I don’t own any puma gear but I need to!

    4.7.14 ·
    • I can attest that these are perfect booty workout gear. I absolutely love them. I was reading another review today and the blogger mentioned that because of the tighter fit, they don’t roll down and show unnecessary skin… so true! Didn’t even realize this until she mentioned it.

      4.7.14 ·

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