Journey to Wellness 7/9

As I was getting ready to write this post, I was trying to come up with a certain amount of time that I will let pass before I check in and update my goals and my weight…but as much as I would like to say once every two weeks, or once a month, I know my behind should check in once a week. So here I am with a new series, Journey to Wellness.

Journey to Wellness watermark

I chose Wednesday because I feel like this is a day where you still have enough time in the week to fix any mistakes you made Sunday through Tuesday and you can get re-energized before weekend temptations start surfacing.

As I am embarking on this journey, I thought it was appropriate to highlight a meal that will not be having for quite some time. The burger above is one of the wonderful meals I treated myself to while I was in Portland, OR.

Body// As usual, my trainer James kicks my butt 3 times per week, so he suggests that I get in at least 1 cardio only workout throughout the week. The settings on my Polar watch suggests that I need about 6 hours of workouts in order to lose weight each week, so I am going to try and aim for 5 solid workouts. James says that this is a good balance and will help me reach my goals faster.

I train on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so I can fit in some cardio on Mondays and Fridays to round out my week. I try to come a bit early to my training sessions to warm up, so I will probably be able to get to the full 6 hours.

My weigh in this week is 172.4lbs (the same number I gave on Monday). I didn’t want to drive myself nuts with another update.

Mind// The mental part of this journey is just as difficult as the physical sometimes. This week, I feel good. Dare I say that I feel different too? I was handed back extra change ($10+ extra) at the gym for my protein shake and gladly handed it back to the cashier. I feel positive that good things are coming my way this week so I want to make sure I bring good karma vibes to myself.

I was listening to Oprah Radio on SiriusXM yesterday morning, and Dr. Phil was talking about why people cannot lose weight. He basically alluded to the fact that we all have to manage our lives. If you want something to happen, you need to manage your life accordingly to get the desired results. So I am working on managing my life.

I bought a planner from Erin Condren and it is really helping. I was trying to convert myself to using an iPad mini and my phone, but somehow paper keeps me to much better organized. I’m literally writing down everything from workouts, blog posts, ideas, quotes, you name it.

Goals// Drink 64+ ounces of water per day, have a salad with protein for at least 1 meal each day, cut down on my carbohydrate intake.

Do you have any goals for this week?



  1. Faith says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m so happy you decided to do this.

    My goal is to with on my upper body strength. I need to tone my arms. I also need to start focusing on my back. And I’m thinking of just having one cheat meal per week vs. two. Ahh this journey … I think I should have been where I wanted a while ago but I slack and then have to start all over. Boo to me.

    7.13.13 ·
    • I feel the exact same way. We can do this, girlie! All day everyday. Lol. I want to tone my arms too. I read somewhere that diet really helps with muscle definition in the arms and abs. Basically…the lower the body fat…the better the definition…womp. We can do this though!

      7.14.13 ·
  2. I think this is a great series! I look forward to your check ins!

    You have 2 hour training sessions??

    7.11.13 ·
    • Thank you! My sessions are 1 hour, 3 times per week. Sometimes I workout before or after my session though.

      7.12.13 ·
  3. Jen says:

    Great post! I missed this one until I saw your tweet — need to add you to my RSS feed (RIP Google Reader).

    7.10.13 ·
    • Thank you! I need to do the same for yours! I loved your FitBloggin recap. So comprehensive.

      7.10.13 ·
  4. Pilar says:

    Hey, beautiful. You’re doing great so far. I love that you’re honest with yourself about needing to check in every week. My wellness goal for right now is to prepare myself mentally to start training for the Tough Mudder. Other than that, I’m also trying to cut back on sugar and alcohol. It’s so funny because as soon as I give up one vice, another seems to replace it. Ahhhhh! lol.

    I’m checking out the site with those planners and they look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    7.10.13 ·
    • OMG… The planners are amazing. A bit pricey, but totally worth every penny. Skinny Emmie has one too and swears by Erin Condren.

      I can agree with the vice thing… I am working on giving up most carbs and go back to gluten free…but now I crave sweets. Specifically sweet potato pie. Lol

      7.10.13 ·
  5. Nellie says:

    Thank goodness you are finally using the planner. (Look at God!)

    7.10.13 ·
    • Hahahaha! I know! I am so terrible. I bought a whole bunch of pencils to write with though…not ready to use a pen in there yet.

      7.10.13 ·
  6. Kim says:

    I agree with you – the mental is often the hardest part of anything. So easy to let our mind convince us we can’t do something when our body is willing to prove otherwise!!
    And, I love paper and pen for lists and notes – might be a little old school but it works!!

    7.10.13 ·
    • Exactly, the mind is so important when it comes to weight loss. I think many people underestimate it until you hit a road block.

      And yes….#teampenandpaper.

      7.10.13 ·
  7. Brandi says:

    First off, now I want a bacon burger/whatever that is at 9 in the morning, after seeing that picture! Haha.
    I’m trying out a new thing, not just for this week, trying to make it a forever thing- I want to drink a GALLON of water a day. I’ve bought one of those huge jugs that I just plan to refill every day!
    I love your goals.. you got this! 🙂

    xo Brandi – Cupcakes and Curves

    7.10.13 ·
    • Oh gosh… I want a burger whenever I see that picture!

      A gallon a day! That is so good for you. I wrote a post (coming out tomorrow) on how to drink more water everyday. I need to follow your example. I used to be so good about drinking water, but lately, I have been slacking.

      7.10.13 ·

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