Jetset to Miami (Part 1)

Jetset to MIAMI

In the world wind that is my life, magically there was time for a mini-getaway to Miami for work and for fun. Last weekend, the boo (who actually has a name, Kevin) and I – along with another couple, enjoyed a weekend in Miami. I’ve never been to Miami as an adult, so it was a lot of fun. 

The trip started on a Saturday morning and with an extra bonus of $1,000 since Delta overbooked our original flight. (Thanks, Delta!). We were excited to actually get bumped since we have another trip coming up in July to Belize so we could use a flight credit or AMEX gift card towards the new flights. It only set us back and hour, so we enjoyed overpriced, airport breakfast sandwiches while we waited. Juvia Miami food

First stop was Juvia Miami, an amazing rooftop restaurant in the South Beach area that blends French, Japanese and Peruvian cooking styles. The food was great. The views were amazing – it was the perfect “welcome” to Miami life. 

Juvia Miami food

The couple we were with (Austin + Shevaun) were movers and shakers. Shevaun is originally from the Miami area so she had a jam packed schedule for us. 

Duffy's Miami

After eating at Juvia, we drove up to Fort Lauderdale to a beach party that ended up being an epic fail, so we ended up driving right back to Miami to have a late lunch/early dinner at Duffy’s. This is where Kevin held his college graduation party so it was nostalgic. We were a bit exhausted from the travel/car ride, so we started with a round of some cocktail with Red Bull that were pretty amazing — and blue. 

And of course, more food. 

Duffy's Miami food

Duffy's Miami food

We had originally planned to stay at a friend of a friend’s Air BnB rental, but that didn’t work out. Long story. Note to self: always book a hotel. Staying with friends doesn’t always pan out the way you think it should. I’m not about the couch surfing life, even it’s it only for a night or 2. Luckily, it’s 2016 and you can locate and book a hotel in less than 15 minutes. Shoutout to for being a lifesaver. After we re-routed ourselves to the hotel and got settled – Kevin and I took a much needed nap. 

The other couple is a bit younger than us and I think this trip made us realize that we are no longer go-go-go. We are more go-nap-go-sleep. After we rested we met everyone at this outdoor club called Brickhouse. The Dj was great and there was a huge crowd, so it was fun to see how they do things down south. Although the feel of Miami is nothing like Atlanta of North Carolina, it’s still not the North East so some things are different. Also since everyone can be outside, there was a good about of smoking happening (3 varieties that I’ll allow you to guess). I’m not a smoker, so it was a bit much for me, but it was fun to be in the ambiance.

Mao Miami Review Food

After Brickhouse, we were hungry so we headed to Mao, a Columbian fast food place. Now this place has zero ambiance, but all the magical flavors you can imagine all in one sandwich. I’m guessing I probably downed around 1,000 calories – but it was so worth it. 

Mao Miami Review

And by that time, we were walking into the hotel around 5am exhausted. As I’m finishing up this post – I realize that this is allll about the food. And food that’s also not so healthy… welp, I guess that is what getaways are for. I’ll share the next 2 days in another post soon, and I promise I did more than eat and drink… kind of.

What is your favorite place to go in Miami?


  1. Aliah says:

    I love love love Miami and glad you got away with your beau. Your food pictures have me drooling. I love going to Yardhouse, strolling down Ocean Drive area during the day, the Art Deco neighborhood, and Cuban restaurants for grab n’ go sandwiches. I’ve been to Juvia with the Mister for dinner and drinsk at night and it was FAB. Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

    4.7.16 ·
    • We heard about Yardhouse but didn’t get a chance to go! Next time – I think this will become a go-to weekend getaway destination for us. We really enjoyed the quick getaway.

      4.13.16 ·
  2. Faith says:

    I love Miami so much! I have so many favorites but if I have to narrow it down I absolutely love Katsuya! The food is so, so good and I just love the ambience. All the food makes me so hungry and all I want to do is eat now, haha. Glad you had a great time!

    4.7.16 ·
    • I took my food photography tips from you! 😉 Next time I’ll have to shoot you an email for recommendations.

      4.13.16 ·

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