Jetset to Miami (Part 2)

Jetset to MIAMIAfter a packed first day in Miami, Kevin and I were beat. BUT we still wanted to enjoy the trip, so we slept in for a little bit and then headed down the block to iHop. We were supposed to do a brunch, but that just didn’t end up happening. 

After a late breakfast, we met up with Shevaun and Austin to head down to South Beach to grab a cocktail at Wet Willies Miami. Now, this is a place that I’ve always heard about, but never went to. Imagine walking into a bar and there being a row of 20+ frozen drinks to choose from OR mix to make your our concoction. I’m not a big drinker, but I had to join in to see what the hype was about.

Wet Willies Miami Bob Marley

Most of the crew opted for the Bob Marley (I think?) but it was a bit too strong for me. I opted for a mix of pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, and mango. 

Wet Willies Miami

After we finished our drinks, we had some free time so we decided to walk down to the beach and take a bunch of photos. This was probably the first time that we did some group photos too. 

Miami Couples Retreat
Shevaun * Kevin * Me * Austin

I think you can tell that we were enjoying ourselves. Did I mention that I was the only person not in a sorority or fraternity on this trip? Yea, there was a lot of “greek stuff” happening and I just used that opportunity to scroll through Instagram. HA! So many of my friends are Greek, so this was nothing new to me. 

After this, we split up for dinner. My Godmother (aka my best friend for life) lives in Coral Springs, so Kevin and I headed there. Shevaun is from the area, so she brought Austin back to her house to meet her family. 

After dinner we all met up again at another Miami party. Yes, another party. When we pulled up to the venue, we noticed that it was a house. So we got mentally prepared for a house party, but that was not the case. They had hired security, a food truck, bartenders, the whole nine. It was really a production. The property was right on the beach, so we got to be on the water AND party. No one actually got in the water though – it was the time to be cute, not to swim. 🙂

After the party – we grabbed some fast food and headed back to the hotel. We were going to go to another party, but when we got there it didn’t look like much fun. 

UM Fate Bridge

For the final full day in Miami, I had to work, so we kept things pretty light. We did get a chance to go to Kevin’s alma mater though. Kevin and Shevaun both graduated from UM together – that’s how they met. He has always talked a lot about his experience there being amazing, so it was nice to see where it all started. 

University of Miami

The campus is gorgeous. They even have an on campus restaurant and bar. Not a little cafeteria, but a full restaurant. The buildings are all new construction, and there are so many spaces to sit outside and relax (or study). 

After UM, we went back to the hotel to nap for a bit and then we headed to King of Diamonds (KOD). Now, if you don’t know what KOD is — well, it’s a strip club. I had never been to one, and supposedly KOD is THE one to go to. A whole bunch of rappers and artists go and perform there on a regular basis. Let’s just say it was an experience, and the strippers made me want to hit the gym. HARD. 

I did learn something though – well, at least this is applicable to KOD. The better the stripper is, the less clothes she takes off. Honestly. The girls who did gymnastics in a past life kept all of their clothes on . Granted clothes is a relative term in a strip club – but they didn’t expose themselves. They were too busy really dancing or doing all types of pole tricks that only someone with amazing upper body strength can do. 

That’s enough about strip clubs for now. I’m happy I went to experience it, but not sure if I really need to go back again. 

We rolled into our hotel around 4am, and got on a 7am flight back to NYC. For my first ever trip to Miami, I’d have to say that I really enjoyed it. This was also my first time traveling with another couple, and it was really nice. Shevaun and I will most likely start talking about planning something else for late 2016 early 2017 — I’m thinking something tropical. 


  1. I need another trip! Miami sounds like it was fun!

    5.3.16 ·
  2. Love this~! Looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    4.12.16 ·
    • Thank you! – It definitely was. 🙂

      4.13.16 ·

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