I’ve got a fit week ahead!

Time to be about the fit life.

I feel like I haven’t talked about physical fitness in such a long time! However, this week is forcing me to get right back on the fit bandwagon. My birthday is in less than 45 days now, FitBloggin is at the end of the month… and clearly the warm weather is already here. AND I have been slacking big time. 

Let’s start with my fitness schedule for this week:

Monday: Walked 2 miles to and from work.

Tuesday: Beyoncé Dance class (part 1 of 4)

Wednesday: Hot Yoga

Thursday: Pilates (my first time ever!)

Friday: Walk 2 miles to and from work

Saturday: Be Well Philly Conference with a bunch of workouts

Sunday: REST

Seriously? I am so proud. Living in NYC is forcing me to walk more than normal… but it has also been causing me to eat out excessively. Want a snack? Well, there’s the Nuts4Nuts truck on every corner. Want breakfast? Why not pick it up on my way to work? Oooo, and now I can have dinner dates galore with all of my friends who work/live close to the city. 

I can slowly see how my waist line won’t change a bit with this new lifestyle. Note that I said won’t change, since I am able to maintain my weight with all of the extra walking. Did I mention that there are also some intense hills on my way to work? And stairs to climb too?

I’ve also got a bit lazy since I found my medical records and noted that I weigh the same amount that I did in 2005 when I left for college. Clearly my body composition was different though since my body was ahhhhhhhhhmazing back then, but knowing that the number is the same (since I am down 20lbs from my heaviest) provides me with some level of comfort. However, I know that it would still behoove me to get back on the weight loss train since it will help my knees significantly. The fact is that I am still overweight by 20-30ish lbs. 

So, to help with my eating, I made the decision to do something that I previously said I was against. Shakeology. Kat, my Beachbody Coach from when I started T25, has been chatting with me about this shake for months now. It’s all natural. It’s known to nourish your body. And, it’s known to decrease cravings. 

I plan on using this for breakfast so I can stop my 2 eggs, bacon, and potato cycle that I have been on. (hey… it is gluten free….) Once it arrives in the mail, I will use it for 30 days, and then reassess if I like it. I’m also a bit excited that it will save me some money on breakfast too! I’m averaging $4.25 – $8 every weekday morning… and more on the weekends if I go out for brunch. 

Have you ever tried Shakeology? If so, what flavor?

What does your week of workouts look like?

Any tips for a pilates newbie?


  1. I love reformer Pilates! Mat pilates, not so much. Which one are you trying?

    6.4.14 ·
    • I am pretty sure I am doing mat this time around, but I have something lined up for reformer soon too. I just love the look of everyone who deos pilates. Long + lean. lol

      6.4.14 ·
  2. Kim! I love shakeology, seriously it has been a game changer in my nutrition. My fav is vanilla (: I am SO happy you are at least giving it a try.

    6.4.14 ·
    • I know… Kat wore me down. 🙂 I’ve been against it for sooooo long, but I figure one month won’t hurt me, right? 🙂 I’ll let you know what I think. Hope your challenge is going well.

      6.4.14 ·
  3. Pilates so is good for your core! I do a lot of pilates moves in my barre classes when we do the ab section. It’s actually pretty easy to follow but I recommend always focusing on pulling your abs up and in and thinking of being tall/maintaining good posture(even if you are on the mat)because it will make the exercises more effective. I hope you enjoy your class!

    6.3.14 ·
    • Thanks, Brittany! Those are great tips. I’ve wanted to try Pilates for such a long time… everyone who does it is so long and lean…:) I’m really hoping that I fall in love and obsessively buy some pilates classes right after.

      6.3.14 ·

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