Interview with Jeremy Cage on All Dreams on Deck

All dreams on deck Jeremy Cage

Entrepreneur and former Fortune 100 executive Jeremy Cage had a dream to sail around the world.  As he worked to make his vision come true, he created a powerful process that others can use to realize their dreams, and apply them to whatever area they choose – their career, family, or personal life. Lucky me – I had the privilege of being able to interview Jeremy to chat about how you can apply the principles in his book to your life NOW.


Jeremy specifically hits on the following points during our conversation:

Dream Specifically

Dreams, like wanting to retire rich or early, wanting to be happier, or wanting to have a strong marriage, are all vague.  Each is lacking detail about not only how you’ll arrive at that goal but also what the dream actually means.  To turn dreams into reality, begin by asking and answering specific questions such as:  What does it mean for me to be happy? How much do I need in savings to fund a comfortable retirement?  What should I do to have a better marriage?

Climb the Ladder of Intentionality

Having a dream is not enough.  You need to become intentional in making it happen.  Commit.  Write it down. Declare it out loud.  Get others talking about it.  This helps you climb the ladder of intentionality.  

Plan and Prepare

Before starting a long voyage, you would ready yourself and your crew.  The same is true with your dreams.  The more you plan, the more likely it is that you will succeed. Understand what you need to know and what you need to do, to accomplish your dream.

Be Courageous

Venturing into the unknown is not easy.  Whatever your dream, you will encounter resistance.  Overcoming your fears will allow you to achieve your goals.  Trust yourself and others willing to help you.  Be optimistic.  Listen and accept reality quickly.


1.  You took a year off to sail around the world with your wife and children. Tell us about your experience. How did you make your dream a reality?
2.  In All Dreams on Deck, you state, “Work-life balance doesn’t exist.  There is life balance, of which work is only one part.”  Why is it important to understand that life is multi-faceted and doesn’t boil down to just two elements?
3.  You have had a very successful career at several multi-national companies and now have launched three new businesses.  How do create life balance for yourself and your family?
4.  For people who have dreams that they never seem able to realize, you say: “Dream Specifically.”  What do you mean by this?  What types of questions should we ask ourselves in order to focus our dreams?
5.  What is the significance of climbing a ladder of intentionality?  How do you begin and what do you achieve when you reach the top?
6.  Why is planning and preparation essential for turning dreams into reality?
7. Is there something that our audience can do right now to start making their dreams a reality?
8.  What’s next for you?  What dreams do you want to fulfill?




To learn more about Jeremy Cage you can visit his website, or go to Amazon to purchase All Dreams on Deck.


What dreams are you working on in 2017?