I didn’t want to do it

I didn't want to work out

It’s 11pm, and I’m up thinking about the chain of events that happened today. Lately, I’ve had the urge to be uber authentic and “talk more” on the blog, so bear with me. Old school blogging may be making a return over here – especially after reading this post from Regina.

Sure – blogging now-a-days can bring in the big bucks, but sometimes it’s hard to constantly “be on” and present as having this amazingly, IG perfect life. 

Anyways – back to what I wanted to chat about.

I didn’t want to work out today. Like at all. My soul was begging me to go home, make a hot cup of tea, and watch the Kardashians. I’m in the midst of interviewing for a 2 roles at my job, so it’s draining – plus regular work – plus a whole slew of other things. Soooo after work, my colleague suggested that we grab a drink and dinner.

I didn't want to work out

I had my workout clothes under my desk, even pulled out my sneakers so I didn’t forget them – but these fries with a roasted, garlic aioli sauce were calling my name. In my mind, this meant that the gym wasn’t going to happen. The class I planned to take at a local gym was filled so that plan was done, but I knew that I could still go to my new, regular gym.

After drinks, I set my GPS to home…but then the guilt set in. I phoned one of my girls to buy me a little more time and then reset my GPS to the gym. 

My only goal was to work out for 30 minutes on the stairclimber. 

I didn't want to work out
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I guess getting to the gym around 8:30pm was when all the cool kids were out since every woman looked like the one I talked about at my old gym in Harlem. Which had me feeling super overweight amazing.

But I completed my 30 minutes. I almost dragged myself to do some weights, but I was getting sleepy. Lately I really cover up when I work out [sweat belt, sweat shirt, ect] which makes me sweat like I’m in the hot, desert sun – so I get kinda tired after cardio.

But I’m just proud that I did it. Throughout the 30 minutes, there was so much negative chatter in my mind. My eyes scanned the gym at all the super petite, buff women – but I kept going. I blasted Jennifer Hudson on Spotify and put one foot in front of the other. 

I’ve always talked about leading by example with health and wellness – so I’ve got to live up to my own word. This *ish is HARD. Like hard hard – but I’m working on it, and I’m almost excited to document my journey this time around. 

How do you get yourself to workout when you’re sleepy?


  1. Faith says:

    I trick myself. I say just go in and work out for 10 minutes, that’s nothing! And then when I get there and do 10 minutes I realize that I have more energy than I thought I had and before you know, it I’m doing my whole workout.

    Proud of you 🙂

    5.19.16 ·
    • I’ve been trying to trick myself too! That’s such a good way to force yourself to get started. “It’s just 10 minutes and then I can stop” lol It’s so crazy the things we all do to force ourselves to exercise more.

      5.23.16 ·

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