The #1 way that I stay focused on my goals

Lately, I’ve been doing my best to stay focused. Working on my business. Thriving at work. Eating (mostly) right. Loving my family and my man. Just focused. Every single day I feel myself getting just a little bit closer to reaching my goals. 

I got an interesting message on Facebook the other day from someone who I haven’t seen in years… literally about 10 years, but we are still friends on Facebook. They popped up with the general “Hey! How have you been?” Sometimes I get worried when people “pop up” without a reason I can anticipate – so I was like “I’m alright…”

Then this person proceeded to tell me how I must be “more than alright” and listed everything that they see that I’ve been doing lately. *shout out to Facebook for keeping people up to date…I guess*

But it was a reminder that things may look seamless from the outside looking in. Even one of my close friends called me yesterday since I was on her mind, and well, yesterday was a bad day. She immediately apologized for not calling sooner – but she assumed that I’m just over here taking over the world.  It’s crazy how social media can make things appear, cause yesterday was a day when I wanted to crawl on the couch with a bottle of cheap, sweet wine and a bag of Munchies. 

But I digress – I’m writing this post to share how I’ve been staying focused and perhaps this may help you as we wrap up 2016. Last week I wrote about staying focused on my goals for the next 3 months – and this is really how I’ve been doing it.

number 1 way to stay focused manifest yourself

Over the last month, I’ve completed the 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge by Courtney Sanders, started reading Think and Grow Rich, and been super inspired by Myleik Teele. I listen and read to a lot of material in any given week, and sometimes my mind gets super clouded. Instead of continuing to take in so much information, I’ve taken a little step back and tried to focus. 

Myleik Teele has talked about her note taking process in one of her journals. Basically, the left side of the journal is for notes, and the right side is for making prioritized to-do lists. Courtney Sanders talks about writing her ultimate goal and a countdown until it’s due on her daily to-do list. And Napoleon Hill talks about writing down a specific amount of money for your goal so you know what you actually have to do. 

I’ve combined all 3 into a method I’ve been using for the past month.

On the left side of my notebook, I take notes from calls I’ve had during the day, podcasts I’ve listened too, or anything else that isn’t an actual to-do list item.

On the right side of my notebook, I start each day with my ultimate goal statement, date it has to be done, amount of days until that date, and the amount of money I need to be making. Since my goal is business related, the monetary goal is needed. 

Oct. 5 – Left Side

Coaching Call with Joseph

  • still looking for role in Marketing, needs to follow up with mentor
  • call him at 555-789-0000, new number

Myleik’s Podcast on Books

  • E-Myth Revisited
  • Leaders Eat Last
  • The Tipping Point
  • The Personal Touch
  • UR A Brand
  • BONUS: It!

Oct. 5 – Right Side

I will ___________________________ by 12/1/17 to ______________________ making $ XX,XXX per month. *453 days*


  1. Register for the Blogalicious Conference
  2. Send over Newark Black Expo Information for 45 min free workshop
  3. Set up LastPass for Virtual Assistant
  4. Create quotes for IG to schedule through October
  5. Design Banner for expo

I know this method may sound super simple – but it works for me. It keeps me laser focused on my goals. The mere act of re-writing my ultimate goal every single day reminds me that this isn’t a game anymore AND I have a deadline that I’ve committed to. 

Initially – I was going to create a whole new challenge for the next 90 days – but honestly, I think creating a statement of your goal, rewriting it every single day, and making a prioritized list of what you need to do is a challenge in itself. 

Any one want to join me?