How to Protect Your Best Business Asset: YOUR HEALTH!

Protect your best business asset

Today we have an interview with Nicole Lapin, the author of Rich Bitch. This woman has been on my radar for a very long time for financial health – but now she’s really working to help us take charge of our financial and physical health. Read on to be inspired and motivated to crunch some numbers and eat a salad. 

1. Hi Nicole! I’ve known about your book in the finance world for a long time, but can you please introduce yourself to my audience?
I’m Nicole Lapin — author of the New York Times Best Seller Rich Bitch and the only financial expert you don’t need a dictionary to understand. I didn’t grow up with The Wall Street Journal on the kitchen table growing up. There was no talk about stocks or bonds in my family, ever. As part of an immigrant family, I was raised thinking that stashing your cash under your mattress was the best place to keep your money.

I never learned or thought about how to save, spend, and grow that money. I might be the least likely person to be a financial expert. But as a reporter on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile exchange and then CNBC and Bloomberg anchor I learned at the School of Hard Knocks how to speak the language of money to the world.

2. What’s your typical daily schedule like?
Wake up, coffee, workout, coffee and THEN check email and social media. That last part is huge—I need to start my day with a clear head and that means putting email off until I have some endorphins pumping! Then typically a barrage of morning meetings until I head into studio to shoot an episode of my show Hatched—a super fun retail competition show that airs on the CW on Saturday mornings at 11:00am!

Evenings you can find me hosting financial workshops for women all over the country; interacting with my readers and hearing their stories is the favorite part of my day. Then some yummy vegan cuisine and likely a glass of wine to go with it…and off to bed I go to start it up all over again.

Nicole Lapin

3. You are the QUEEN of multi-tasking – how to you keep yourself sane and healthy with so much going on?
I make a point to get to the doctor regularly, even if I don’t have a dire need to go—which is saying something because of my insane travel schedule! Even bare-bones insurance policies will pay for these. And this is one I actually like doing: an annual dental cleaning! Not only does it make your teeth feel so fresh and so clean, but it’s an investment in your dental health, too; a little maintenance is better than getting hit with a huge bill (and a lot of pain) for a root canal—the cost of which most dental plans do not fully cover.

4. With limited time, and a tight budget – what must-have tips and tricks do you have for maintaining your health?
I schedule my workouts like I schedule my meetings, and block them off in my calendar. Even beyond the health-promoting benefits, when you exercise regularly you are happier, you think more clearly, your confidence is boosted, and endorphins are pumping through your body, giving you that extra injection of enthusiasm that you need to push just that much harder.

A lot of people think they are too busy and that they have no time, and the first thing to go is exercise. I’m so guilty of this. I hate working out, but I do it because I know it’s good for my body, my health and, ultimately, my business. Even President Obama—the leader of the free world, for cryin’ out loud—manages to hit the gym six days a week, and that’s not including those well-known basketball games with his staff. First Lady Michelle Obama gets up at four-thirty in the morning three times a week to get her workout in. If those two can find the time, we all can.
5. Do you have a go-to product or food that you buy after a rough day at work to help you unwind?
I love Califia Farms coffee creamer. I add it to my coffee in the morning and tea before bed! It’s creamy and just a little bit sweet with lots of good protein, too.RichBitch pb

6. What advice do you have for millennials like yourself who are busy trying to take over the world, but need to also maintain their health?
It’s important to unplug, but sometimes your smartphone can actually be your best health ally. My favorite apps (I know, I know, it sounds counterproductive to download an app to unwind from technology but this is the most fool-proof way to go) for unplugging at the end of the day are:

  • Moment, which allows you to schedule time, say at dinner, to be tech-free
  • Anti-Social, which lets you schedule a certain amount of time away from social networking sites
  • Self-Control, with which you can ban yourself from certain sites, like your work email
  • Offtime, which is a souped-up version of the others that gives you real data on how long you’re on your phone as well as a detailed report of what you missed when you plug back in.

And if you don’t want to download anything, the Do Not Disturb icon for iPhones and Priority setting for Android are my favorite price: FREE!

7. What’s your favorite quote/words that you live by?
“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”


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