How I Stay Healthy While Traveling


Ya’ll, I am tired. 

If you follow me on SnapChat [@manifesturself] or my personal Instagram [@kimberlybonline], you would have seen that I was in Chicago this week. Technically, I’m still in Chi-town while I write this post, but I’m in the airport so I’m barely still here. My mind is already on the shut-eye I’m about to get on the plane.

When I [over]packed for this trip, I was determined to workout at least once while I was here. And I did! The conference schedule was a bit more intense than I had expected, so I didn’t get to break a sweat everyday, but I’m proud that I was prepared to bring fitness + health with me on my trip. 

Packing for business, pleasure, and fitness was an interesting task. My suitcase definitely weighed in around 45lbs….. since I had 6 pairs of shoes with me [don’t judge me], but on the health side, I kept things simple. 

How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

Rule number one for how I stay healthy while traveling is making sure I pack a multivitamin. Being stuck in a plane, or hotel, or anyplace that’s filled with new germs is the perfect place to catch a cold. Having multivitamins handy is key for me, and I also have 2 new favorite “chewable” vitamins too!

How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

Hair, Skin, + Nails ANNNNNND Cranberry Jelly Beans from CVS Health. First of all, they both taste amazing. The HSN vitamins taste like fruit snacks, and the jelly beans taste like grape, to me. I love the Cranberry Jelly Beans cause they help with overall urinary track health. Sometimes [as a woman] when you’re in a new place, trying new foods, using hotel products – things can just be different down there, so I like to be prepared. 

I was in Jamaica a few years ago and drinking fresh, herbal tea every single day. It was AMAZING – not to mention that I used real cane sugar in it too. But I realized that I was using the bathroom alllll the time. It almost felt like I had a UTI, but I didn’t. When I got home and immediately went to my doctor, she was able to tell me that I must have a sensitive urinary track and the added caffeine was making me go all the time. It wouldn’t have been too bad – but I was in the middle of the woods using outhouses everyday. Using the bathroom was NOT something you wanted to do if you didn’t really have to go. I wish I had some of these jelly beans to help me out when I was there.

You’ll also see chewable melatonin in the picture above – and I keep these handy just in case I’m having trouble sleeping. 

How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

Outside of the vitamins – I also like to bring a hat, resistance band, and a sweat belt. I’ve been wearing my hair straight lately, so I have to wrap it up so it doesn’t get sweaty when I workout. The hat covers it all in the gym. I also don’t necessarily like to chit-chat when I’m working out at a work-related conference, so the hat helps me hide away a little bit. 

The sweat belt is my favorite tool to help beat stomach bloating when I’m short on time, and high on calories. [pun intended] I wrap myself up and hit the elliptical for 20-30 minutes and I swear my stomach looks better after. I did 30 minutes of cardio before I had to slip into a cocktail dress at a gala this week and it made me feel so much better.

Last but not least, is the resistance band. If there isn’t a hotel gym, this can help you do some resistance training in your hotel room. My new trainer, Malcolm, is really big on body weight and resistance band exercises, so I was able to do some of the moves in my room. I’m thinking of making a mini recording of the exercises for ya’ll [let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing!].

How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

And that’s that – vitamins, sweat belt, and a resistance band – and I feel like I’ve instantly made my trip healthier. I believe that the key to being healthy while traveling is planning for it.

Because I brought gym clothes and all of these little additions, I naturally made better food choices throughout the trip. I also made sure that sleep was a priority so I could be fresh for my sessions and meetings.

I love that I could have also purchased most of these items at my local CVS! I’ve been working with CVS off and on throughout 2015 and 2016 – and overall health is a HUGE initiative that they are committing too. And CVS is so accessible – so if you’re local drug store is committed to health, it’s making health just a little bit easier to attain. 

I was provided with some of these items to share, but, as usual, all opinions are my own. 

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling?