Mindfulness Moments: Happiness List

Have you heard Gabrielle Union’s acceptance speech at the 6th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards? Talk about fearless. I have always had a love for Gabrielle Union; especially after following her on Instagram and seeing how real, comical, and beautiful she was in candid moments. Cause, of course, Instagram is the way to see a peek inside of celebrities’ lives, right?



Link to Video ***please take a second to watch, inspiration guaranteed***

I had heard of this speech, but never thought to look up the actual video until I read this month’s issue of ESSENCE magazine where Gabrielle was on the cover. I was moved by the speech and how relatable it was, but I was even more moved by some of the statements in the magazine about happiness.

She (AJ Johnson, Gabrielle’s long time friend) said, “You’ve been married and divorced and you’re surprised by this. You’re blaming him, when you don’t know what makes you happy. He’s never going to get it right, because you don’t know what the right answer is,” Union recalls. “No one had put it like that to me.”

How can one be happy if you do not know how you define happiness? While my aim for this post was to create my own happy list the way Gabrielle did in the interview, I don’t think I want to just yet. Sure, I could create a platonic list about food, love, and relationships… but I want to challenge myself to be more specific. I guess I am giving myself some mindfulness homework.

In my opinion, the happiness list can be general or specific. You could have a happy list for what you need in a relationship in order to be happy, or a separate list for what you need in a work environment to feel fulfilled. No matter what the list is for, it can help provide direction, goals, and inspiration to do things that create more happiness. Like AJ Johnson told Gabrielle, if you know what makes you happy, you can tell others about it AND even live in a way to create more happiness.

Do you have a happy list?

Or have you ever thought of making one?


  1. Carline says:

    I will be working on my happy list this weekend! I saw this clip a couple weeks ago and I admired her ability to be so brutually honest with the women in that room, and the world! I wasn’t that much of a fan but I have a new found appreciation for Gabby.

    11.26.13 ·
    • Me too! I heard about it, but never got a chance to watch it. I was floored. #teamgabby

      11.27.13 ·
  2. I will tell you this…I’m about to draft a post for one!

    11.15.13 ·
    • Hahahaha! I cannot wait to read it!

      11.18.13 ·
  3. Carla says:

    Gabrielle Union is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood IMO. I’ll watch anything she is in.

    I do not have a happiness list but I should make one. It would be more like a “this is reality, happiness list” where I’m realist about all things money and relationships and get rid of the superficial stuff. 🙂

    11.12.13 ·
    • Well, that’s definitely a major part of it. In the Essence article, Gabrielle talked about that too. 🙂

      11.12.13 ·
  4. Cassandre says:

    I was fortunate enough to be in the room for that speech.. I have a happy list for many aspects of my life, family, personal, career, blogging and more.. it’s so important to know what makes you happy. when you’re in your happy place you do your best work!

    11.11.13 ·
    • REALLY!?! Girl, I would have been crying. That’s so good that you have lists like that. I feel like I am really going to work on creating some lists in the upcoming weeks.

      11.12.13 ·
  5. Great post!!! I feel like I have multiple happy lists. I don’t have one generic list for my life but I break them down into different aspects of my life. I certainly have career goals that if I reached them would make me happy. My relationship happiness list is much more fluid. I really just like getting that feeling when you are doing something and you just feel really happy. I don’t know how you articulate it but I just want lots of those moments!

    11.11.13 ·
    • That is pinnable quote, Ms. Brittany! “I really just like getting that feeling when you are doing something and you just feel really happy. I don’t know how you articulate it but I just want lots of those moments!” Sometimes you don’t have to articulate it… if you know what it feels like, then you just aim for the feeling. 🙂

      11.11.13 ·

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