Getting Serious About Content

Getting Serious About Content

Yesterday before the Wellness Lounge event I sponsored in NYC, I took a deep dive into the depths of my Google Analytics. This probably wasn’t the best thing to do right before an event – but I did.

I’m not at the point where I am comfortable sharing ALL of my social media stats, but I will say that the amount of page views I receive is strictly correlated to how much I write. Let me explain.

May: 16 posts {baseline}

June: 22 posts {highest traffic ever!!}

July: 17 posts {traffic dropped by about 1k}

August: 15 posts {traffic dropped by another 300 views}

September: 13 posts {traffic dropped by another 2k>>>over 3K from high in June}

And to be honest – I’m not surprised because I was feeling a bit over blogging from August – September. At one point, I even contemplated if I should stop blogging all together. To be honest – it’s hard! This space is a combination of me sharing my life, providing insight/how-to guides, reviews of products and services I love, and showcasing my work as a coach. Somedays I feel uninspired and I want to curl up in a ball with my man and eat cheetos.

Even though I rarely eat cheetos – you get the gist. I want to relax when I get home and not stress about SEO, creating a dynamic title, and writing a post that ya’ll will love. I’ve never met a blogger who hasn’t gone through this phase, so I don’t feel too bad sharing. {Most bloggers I know have joked about what life would be like without a blog and the constant connection to social media since it’s part of “a brand” now.} 

So, I’m going to take a class about developing content. I’ve followed fellow blogger, Maya Elious for about a year now – and she knows her *ish. I was able to meet her briefly at Blogalicious and that just solidified for me that I need to tune in more closely.

I read so much that I don’t know how to implement sometimes. I read blogs, books, newsletters and subscribe to podcasts. However, I find that although I consume content, I don’t implement it as much as I need to. In the midst of struggling with this “content breakdown” – I saw on social media that Maya has created a new online course for $67 bucks called “Content Creation Class“. Honestly, this couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me. 

And $67 bucks? I don’t know where you can take a class where you have live access to the creator, a workbook, and a plan to fix the issue at hand. *insert a slow clap for Maya*

My plan is to sign up for the class this week, and please note this is NOT sponsored. I’m honestly just so grateful for this class – and I love Maya’s work, so I wanted to share with it you. For more information on the course and to sign up, go here:


If you plan on signing up! I’d love to connect offline. I’m also in the process of starting a mastermind group in NYC for accountability. Interested? Email me at


  1. Cassandre says:

    So, you know i have taken a break from blogging over the summer and I haven’t been able to get back into it yet. I saw this post and got excited because I definitely need a content “reboot”, then I realized I missed the session šŸ™ Huge fan of Maya as well. I hope she does it again.

    10.4.15 ·
    • Hey Cass – it’s still open to register! It’s just a a little bit of a higher rate since it wasn’t the live version. I’ll tweet you a link. šŸ™‚

      10.5.15 ·
  2. Maya says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my class on your site, Kimberly! This really means a lot that you think highly of me and my brand! So glad you’ll be joining, and I know I’ll be offer ways for you to create content without being less overwhelmed. ā¤ļø

    10.1.15 ·
    • I’m so looking forward to it! You know your stuff, girlie! Seeing your personality more on Periscope sold me. I’d be losing out if I DIDN’T invest in the class.

      10.1.15 ·

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