Favorite Quotes from Year of Yes


The new Shonda Rhimes book, Year of Yes, is one of the best books that I have ever read. Period. In 2016, one of my goals is to start reading more, and I kept hearing great things about this book, so this was my first read of the year.

Ya’ll – I’m waking up at 5am to work on my blog for an hour, and then I read from 6am – 7am. Some days I struggle a little to get out of bed, but I found myself never giving up my reading time when I was into this book. I was actually a tinch sad when I finished it. 

I also love quotes, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite lines from this book. I read with a highlighter so I can easily find my favorite parts later if I don’t want to re-read the entire book. 

Whatever that spark is that makes each one of us alive and unique… mine has gone. Stolen like the paintings on the wall. The flickering flame response for lighting me up from the inside, making me glow, keeping me warm… my candle had been blow out. I was shut down. I was tired. I was afraid. Small. Quiet. 

This was when I felt that I understood Shonda, and Shonda understood me. In life, sometimes I feel like we are all searching for something, not knowing exactly what it is. We feel alone, empty, and borderline miserable until we find it. Now this may not be a big depression because like Shonda, I can function so nobody knows how I may be feeling inside – but deep down, there is a longing for more.

This Yes is about giving yourself the permission to shift the focus of what is priority from what’s good for you over to what makes you feel good. 

Need I say more? I have a similar quote from Oprah on my 2016 vision board that reads, “I only do what I want to do.” Sometimes you have to shift gears to make feeling good a priority.

Since season one, she has treated herself like an athlete in training. Ellen believes that to do her job well, she needs to take care of herself – inside and out. 

I’ve never thought of treating myself like an athlete so I can function properly. To be 100% honest, fitness hasn’t been a major priority for me in the past month or so. I have a sprained ankle and hip bursitis, so exercise is almost out of the question… but that doesn’t mean my eating needs to be crazy. In order to function properly, you have to train your body. 

Food does work. Food feels so good when you put it on top of all the stuff you don’t want to deal with or know how to deal with. It even works on the stuff you don’t even recognize as worthy of dealing with. 

Preach, Shonda! This right here is why I overeat and crave indulge in chips sometimes. Especially when I’m upset about something that I feel is beyond my control. It was so refreshing to hear someone talk about how easy it is to cover up feelings with food. 

If I am not gong to change, I have to move on. I can’t waste precious time hovering in the “I wishes” and the “if onlys”

That is being a dreamer. Dreamers never say yes to anything



I have to DO.

Yup – in reference to getting in shape – this is my sentiment right now. Because I don’t want to say yes to sub-par health and wellness standards. I’m working on it. 

I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.

Don’t call me lucky.

Call me badass.

I need to write this one down and place it on my bathroom mirror to read every single morning. This is the best mantra ever. 

Happiness comes from living as you need to, as you want to. As your inner voice tells you to. Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be. 

This, in my opinion, is the moral of the story. Once we all work towards finding what makes us personally feel good- then we can experience happiness. 

These were only a few of the quotes I highlighted in the book and I know there has to be some rule about how much you can share, so that’s it for now. But if you are looking for a book that is an amazing read, by a vulnerable author, who is not only relatable – but inspirational — go get this book. 

Thanks for being you Shonda – and for sharing your Year of Yes story to inspire us all to start our own personal Year of Yes journey.