Falling into Fall at Home



Is it a crime that I don’t really love pumpkin… anything? I really think that pumpkins are a sad excuse for a sweet potato. As I’m slowly but surely, falling into fall, I’m craving the warmer things in life. Heating the apartment to 73 degrees or higher, hot lemon water in the morning, warm comfort foods at night -and blankets. Blankets on everything. Chunky sweaters. Ugg boots. Cooking on a cast iron skillet. 

I read this post from Blueprint Registry – and was immediately inspired. Blueprint is a non-traditional registry where you can actually create a layout of your home and select gifts by room. While, I don’t have anything heavy and shiny on my finger right now – I still don’t mind looking from time to time. The blog pulls together looks and products from several websites to help people curate their home. 

The best part of Blueprint is that you can add items from nearly any website to your registry. Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Williams-Sonoma, Amazon, and Crate and Barrel… all in one place. Don’t want gifts? You can also have folks contribute to the down-payment on your house or your honeymoon. 


Kevin and I made a small registry for our housewarming back in August, but it wasn’t the type of thing where we wanted to go all out. Our guests honestly asked us to create one, so we did something small at Target to make everything easier… even though several people still bought items outside of the registry… without a gift receipt… and we have some doubles now. But I digress.

We still need a pot that can go into the oven and on the stove, an extra comforter… and I’d love a blender that can do everything a good processor can do with half the clean up. Even though it’s main purpose will be for making crushed ice for Kevin’s cocktails. 


I just offered to host Thanksgiving too, so I’ll need to look into more serving dishes. I’m so so so nervous about hosting on my own this year. My Grandmother passed last year right before Thanksgiving, and we were far too devastated to celebrate. The entire family split up. Some ate at TGI Fridays, some went to another relative, and others made a regular meal at home. I refuse to let that happen again, so I’m hosting. 

I’ll probably drive myself insane with decorating our home, but I’d rather make sure that our family is together. Plus, Thanksgiving, for me, means family and fall. That’s the date in the season where we all come together. 

This post was inspired by Blueprint Registry. If you’re on the hunt for a registry for someone you love – I highly recommend it. 


Photography from SC Stockshop + @BluePrintRegistry Instagram


  1. This registry is a great idea. I’ll be hosting my house warming in a few months. I didn’t want a registry because there will be people who will purchase gifts from other places and forget the gift receipt, while ignoring the registry. But I’ll consider one now.

    The holidays are approaching and I’m feeling the same. I do remember your thanksgiving last year. But this year will be completely different, you’re the glue! Start a new tradition.

    Wishing you the best.

    P.S. Pumpkin is nasty!

    10.18.16 ·
    • You shared so many great points here – but my favorite is you agreeing that pumpkin is nasty. 🙂 lol

      And a registry is so helpful – I think people ALWAYS decide to go against the grain – probably because they think they can get a cheaper gift that way. I know we got quite a few items from HomeGoods, but they actually came in at the same price as the registry. Hopefully if you promo the registry enough and share the options, they will all get in formation. 🙂

      && I’ll be praying about being the glue. I’m really trying.

      10.22.16 ·
  2. Faith says:

    I’m with you about the pumpkin thing … but I do love some pumpkin scented candles so I don’t feel too “criminal” ;).

    It is so fun to host Thanksgiving. A lot of work but so worth it in the end. Ever since my mom passed Thanksgiving is not the same (this year will be the second one without her) and I just don’t know … I feel like we need a new tradition or something because so much reminds me of her with our old tradition that it is difficult to be anything but sad on a suppose to be Thankful day.

    10.18.16 ·
    • I made need your information on stand-by if you think hosting Thanksgiving is fun. 🙂 I was so overwhelmed when I hosted my housewarming, but luckily it all went well. That was for 30 people, and this should be for under 12 >> but way more food ironically.

      I’m with you on the new tradition >> I’m hoping that by me hosting, in a new space, it will make it “different” enough, but I know there will still be a “feeling” in the air. I’ll be thinking of you during this time >> the holidays are always rough. My uncle passed a few years ago on Christmas day, so the holidays haven’t been the same in years >> but we always try to make the best of the time and focus on the children. Having babies around is the only fool-proof way to keep people a little more jolly.

      10.22.16 ·

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