Event: Sweat in the city: the sequel!


Last year I attended the Sweat in the CIty event that showcased new and upcoming products from Nautilus and Bowflex. It was a bunch of fun and I learned ton. If you attended the “A Healthy U” Conference in May, you may also recall that they provided us with 5 Bowflex Boosts to giveaway (thanks again Bowflex!)

So this year they came back again, even bigger and better than before. As a blogger, I’ve attended a slew of brand events, but I must say that this was one of my favorites! Not only because they had great products to talk about, but they included a panel of industry experts that had an incredible knowledge base about health, fitness, and nutrition practices.


The panel included Cameron Jacobs, Albert Lee (Cofounder of MyFitnessPal), Peter Leighton, and Tom Holland. Each panelist had a different perspective, but a common theme was that wellness takes a combination of fitness, nutrition, and motivation. Throughout the panel, I found myself rushing to tweet some of the facts that were shared. 

When the floor opened for questions, I raised my hand (secretly hoping that no one saw me – but they did!) and I asked the panel about what they have discovered about where motivation comes from. Tom Holland, the Nautilus Fitness Adviser, talked about finding your reason. Outside of what people think you should do, what you want to do, what you read you should do – you have to find the reason that sparks a change. This made me think a lot about my own reasons for training to compete in a bikini competition in 2015… but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

The 3 products that Nautilus wanted to highlight were the following:


1. Bowflex Body™ Line: New shakes that help activate metabolism, support the immune system, build muscle, burn calories, provide energy and refuel the body. The shake comes in French Vanilla, but then you can add flavor packs that boost the flavor and have other added benefits. For instance, you can use the shake solo to replace a meal, as a snack, or after a workout for general health AND if you are craving chocolate, you can add the chocolate mini pack to boost fat burning. That was my favorite combo since it tasted like chocolate mouse. 1 serving of the basic shake is 125 calories.


2. Bowflex® SelectTech® 560 Dumbbells: These are the first-ever smart dumbbell that offer a interactive digital experience with a Three Dimensional Trainer (3DT) app that records and counts reps, weight lifted and rep speed, provides sound cues for rest time between sets and can also track calories burned. There is no need to guess or worry about what rep number you are on with these.

3. Nautilus® Cardio Series: This new line of cardio machines all have a multi LCD display with Bluetooth® Smart technology, so users have access to the new Nautilus® Trainer™ app, which offers more than 20 customizable programs to track workout time, distance traveled and calories burned. Did I mention that the machines also sync with MyFitnessPal? Epic.

There was also a giveaway for the MAX Trainer, which I am really praying that I win. They have a new version of this machine that has even more technology features. I would LOVE to have a great piece of cardio equipment in my home so I can get up in the morning and do some fasted cardio during my bikini prep.

Have you heard of Nautilus or Bowflex? What type of cardio machine would you love to have in your home?

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