Eat: NoMa Social

NoMa Social Decor

It’s funny how when you live in New York, there are stigmas and feelings about different areas of the metropolitan NY. For instance, when I lived in Long Island, going to Queens was nothing, but there was no point in going to Westchester. Brooklyn was okay though, you just had to say a prayer about parking.

Living in Harlem, the Bronx and Westchester seem normal, but please, baby baby please, don’t ask me to go to Brooklyn. Queens – ugggh, I guess, but it better be only one transfer on the train to get there.

NoMa Social

Anyways, I say all this to note that I can see myself living in Westchester one day after having traveled there a few times to eat, drink, and shop over the past year and a half. It reminds me of Connecticut, where I grew up, but with more things to do. One restaurant that I have been interested in trying out is NoMa Social – located in Westchester. 

NoMa Social Food

NoMa Social has already been labeled as a “go-to destination”, worth the trip and easy to reach from anywhere in the city. Located just to the north of New York City, in Westchester NY, NoMa Social takes a cue from NYC destinations such as SoHo and TriBeCa. NoMa means North of Manhattan; Social conveys a setting in which to enjoy a comfortable, interactive dining and drinking experience. They are known to have live entertainment and late-night dining/dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. 
NoMa Social Food 
Uniquely designed in rich, warm purples and grays to create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Numerous couches in various sizes and low cocktail tables are conducive to dining and conversation, with traditional seating also available.

NoMa Social Food
The menu, created by Executive Chef Bill Rosenberg, offers entrees and an array of Mediterranean-style small plates for mixing, matching and sharing. Selections include organic, sustainable meats, fish and local produce and a Tapas bar, with suggested wine pairings. The kitchen features a Spanish Plancha, where most food is cooked, and a wood burning stove for pizza and flatbreads, plus the preparation of whole fish and delicious fresh, organic meats. And the cocktails selection is pretty vast AND there are some health-conscious options with under 150 calories.

This is definitely on my must-try list before the spring! For more information, and the full menu, head on over to the NoMa Social website