Doing What Works + Looking Good Doing It


This past weekend, I found a new gym in New Jersey to join [La Fitness]. I was hesitant, afraid, and honestly a bit embarrassed to have to find a new gym home/family, but it was time. 

When I think back to every single time I’ve lost weight in the past, it involved a gym plus a trainer. I’ve got to go back to doing what works.

I located a La Fitness location within 10 minutes of my home that had all of the amenities to keep me excited.

GapFit Factory

Ample Parking. CHECK.

Clean Locker Rooms. CHECK.

Personal Training Available. CHECK.

Pool. CHECK.

Smoothie Bar. CHECK.

Spin classes every morning. CHECK.

Young professionals. CHECK.

Annnnd I signed up for a personal trainer, for 6 months. When I think about all of the times that I’ve lost weight in the past, I’ve always had a trainer to keep me accountable. However, this time, it will work a little bit differently.


I signed up for 1 session per week for 6 months. Due to the size of the package, I’ve also received 6 freebie sessions that are scattered throughout the 6 months as well. In the past I’ve always had 2-3 sessions per week, but this package allows for the trainer to give homework assignments in a fancy notebook. 

If you know me – little written add-ons like this get me excited. So I’ll have 1 session per week [sometimes 2], 1 homework-workout, and 1 additional cardio session. Annnd I plan on adding in 1 additional fun workout [either BBG or a Crossfit class with Kevin]. I’ll be meeting the trainer for the first time this upcoming Friday! Please pray for me – I just really hope that he’s stern yet fun.

GapFit Factory

After getting a location to workout and a trainer in order, it’s time to get some new clothes to workout. I have no idea what happened to my fitness wardrobe, but it was looking pretty lack luster. So, I’ve partnered with Gap Factory’s GapFit so I can have affordable clothes that also look fly at the same time.

I know for a fact that when I dress better during my workouts, I naturally perform better. I feel like I’m training for something more than personal fitness when I put a little more effort into my workout gear. 

GapFit Factory

All of the pieces are marketed towards the non-professional athlete, but it sure doesn’t hurt to pretend. Minus the fact that I also need my workout clothes to mesh well with my existing pieces… and be fashionable enough to run errands.. since, ya know, athleisure is the thing now-a-days. 


My favorite part of workout gear is the compression and moisture wicking. Have you ever been that chick on the train who leaves a sweaty butt print on the subway since your clothes just heard all of the sweat? Don’t pretend that’s never happened to you! Or that your car seat was a tad sweaty when you got our of the car. It’s all in the clothes.

And compression is a girls best friend. Leggings with compression just do magical things to my legs and booty. There’s not a real reason NOT to wear compression [in my opinion].

So, I’ve got my new gym, my new trainer, and fashionable workout clothes. Now it’s time to [literally] get my body in motion so I can drop some pounds this summer.

I’m excited. 

Outfit details [Graphic Hoodie c/o (similar) | French Terry Joggers c/o (similar) | gFast Print Capris c/o (similar) | Seamless Tee c/o | Jean Jacket (own) | Tote Bag (own) | Sneakers (own)]

Oh – and none of the GapFit Factory items that I’m wearing above are more than $20. SCORE. 

GapFit Factory


  1. Go KIM! I’ve been reading and you have inspired me to get back to fitness! I’m looking for a gym now because my gym has become extremely crowded and I’m not pleased with that. I’ve been meaning to drive to NJ to the Nike outlet because its time for new gear! So excited. But I might stop in the gap this weekend if I have the time.

    Rooting for you!

    5.17.16 ·
    • Awwww thank you! This made me smile. If you’re in NJ and down for a workout – let me know! I joined LA Fitness and fell in love [so far]. The key is finding a gym that gets crowded, but it still doesn’t look crowded. lol When I was in Long Island, I was addicted to XSport Fitness.

      5.18.16 ·

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