Dining Alone Isn’t for Losers


Bareburger NYC

Every once in awhile I really enjoy dinning alone. 

Not because all of my friends are busy, or I can’t go on a date – but because it’s one of those mini-challenges that I like to do with myself. I really think that dining alone, at a full service restaurant, and NOT sitting at the bar is something that many people can do in 2016 and be okay with it. 

Dining alone allows forces me to sit and be present with my own thoughts. My life has felt so incredibly fast paced lately that I don’t feel like I have the time to just be. Just the other day, I put a snap up (@manifesturself on SnapChat) saying that it took 28 days for me to hit my stride in 2016. Seriously, the past 28 days have been… a lot. 

Bareburger NYC

Family. Love. Work. All of it has been hit in positive and negative ways that have left me anxious, frustrated, and/or confused. 

But, it’s turning around slowly but surely – I have a feeling that day 28 – 366 will be a lot brighter going forward. 

Yesterday after I went to the radiologist after work for an x-ray on my ankle (I had a really good tumble down the stairs 2 weeks ago and haven’t felt the same since – long story) – I decided to take myself out to dinner. Bareburger was right outside the radiologist, and headed towards my train home, so it was perfect. 

Bareburger NYC

I’d also never been before, so it was nice to try something new on my own. The restaurant was a good size with friendly looking staff, so I walked in and asked for a table for 1. Coincidentally, there was another woman in there dining alone too, so I felt even better. I was even excited when they gave me a table that wasn’t pushed into a corner by the kitchen – because, yes, that can happen when you dine alone, so you have to be assertive and say, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d prefer to sit at the two-seater by the window, por favor.”

I immediately ordered a good cup of jasmine green tea and settled in. The same way that you take your jacket off and unwind when you eat with friends – do the same thing when you eat alone. I see so many people eat alone, maybe out of choice or convenience, and they look like they are ready to go before the server comes to ask for their drink order.

Bareburger NYC

I got settled, took my jacket off, put my The Year of Yes book on the table in case I felt like reading, and then dove into the menu. I wish I could say I ordered the one of their burgers, but I opted for the Buttermilk Buffalo Sandwich with half fries/half onion rings on the side. It was soooo good – and organic! Yes, I basically had an organic buffalo fried chicken sandwich, and I’m patting myself on the back. #noshame

Generally when I dine alone, I have a strict no phone on the table rule, but this time I had about 4 phone calls to return so I chatted away while dining this time around so I would be able to relax 100% when I got home. 

Bareburger NYC

But it felt good. 

I was relaxed – and I enjoyed people watching, eating, and chatting with the servers throughout my time. I wasn’t rushed, or bothered and I took the time to finish my cup of tea and a bunch of water before I left. 

Moral of the story >> dining solo isn’t as bad as most people think – and Bareburger is one of my favorite restaurants now. I’m already planning my next visit back so I can try a bison or wild boar burger. 


  1. Dan says:

    When dining alone, there are few meals better than a juicy burger … glad you are comfortable with doing it alone, as I am!

    1.29.16 ·

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